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Extreme Multitasking

kitchenA Maryland woman has been accused of cooking methamphetamine while driving. If she only used her skills for the good of mankind! unfortunately her “Driving Bad” caught the attention of a cop who pulled over her mobile meth lab/Chrysler hatchback and discovered she was not only DUIing but also cooking up a storm.


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Well, I Didn’t Have Pockets!

OK, honey, sweetie, darl, when you are appearing in court on a drug charge it isn’t such a good idea to stuff methamphetamine and a pipe in your bra. I’m just saying! That’s new drug charges right there Sahra Arline Wilcoxson.


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Cheap Child At Walmart

Of all the dumbassed things to do, Patrick Fousek and Samantha Tomasini tried to sell their 6 month old baby for $25 outside a Walmart Store in California . Hello, even I could have told them that was way too expensive, should have put a “On Special” tag on it if they expected any takers. Seems the women they initially approached rang police, and well, you know the procedure, they raided their house, found them high on methamphetamine  and bippity boppity boo the child protective services have another child to find a home for.


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Liquid Manure Is Not A good Hiding Place

Like this, only in liquid form!

Stop looking people, a man on the run from police has been found hiding neck deep in a liquid manure pit on an Indiana farm. Oh dear god, the 52 man, wanted on methamphetamine charges, was spotted by a police officer as he wallowed in a tank of hog and dog feces underneath an outbuilding floor. It is believed he was soaking in the shit for over an hour in an attempt to hide from police. Bags not sitting next to him in the cop car. Oh and once he was extracted from the slosh he was stun gunned twice for becoming a little shitty. All and all not a good day.


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Is That a Bomb In Your Butt?

Oh dear lord, what police believed was a bomb up a man’s butt turned out to be a vibrator. Ewh. So here’s what happened. The 60 year old man was busted by police for stopping in a “No Parking” zone in South Lake Tahoe and possessing what was believed to be methamphetamine. On further inspection the officers discovered the man had a sus wire, with an on/off switch, in his front left pocket leading to his anal cavity.The cops weren’t that worried until the man began sprouting off about his knowledge of explosives and bomb making. Now everybody panic. Enter a bomb disposal team. They fiddled around for a bit, removing the device only to discover it was a friggin vibrator. Move on, nothing to see here.


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This Is Why Drugs Are Bad

Edward, Edward, Edward, you know if you are going to wear your undies around your neck and women’s pants with a hole in the crotch (exposing your genitals) it’s gonna end in tears. Edward Rodriguez had been hiding in a ditch when Arizona police were called. As they approach him they realized the shirtless Edward was flashing his willy through a hole cut in the crotch  and had his undies wrapped around his neck. Ahh but wait there’s more, when the officers got closer he grabbed a bag of methamphetamine (he probably made earlier) to show the bemused cops.


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Of All The Places

OMG, a near Kaboom diverted. Nathan Beasley decided that a gas station was a good a place as any to cook his methamphetamine. Oh yeah, in his car, right next to a fuel pump. Only problem was, Nathan passed out and now he has got a crap load of explaining to do when he is discharged from hospital.


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