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Czech Republic Sobers Up

Well, partying in the Czech Republic just got a whole lot duller after the government banned the sale of hard alcohol and by hard, I mean anything with an alcohol content of over 20%. Sheez, my rumballs contain more than that! Anywho, the reason for this radical response is all thanks to a new craze of spiking drinks like rum and vodka with methanol. So far this popular craze has killed over 19 people.

Want sauce with that?


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Barrel Ride Fail

OK here’s the thing boys, don’t be putting four gallons of methanol in a 55 gallon drum so you can go for a “barrel ride”, it will only end in tears! The two men from  Washington State, filled up the barrel, sat on top and lit it, expecting to go shooting across a parking lot like a rocket. Instead it just went kaboom! One end of the barrel reportedly flew 120ft, Both men are now in hospital with severe burns.


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Friggin Methanol

OK, here’s the thing bootleg man, using methanol in your brew is gonna get you in big doodah especially if it ends up killing 22 people and making 300 really ill. Dude, how much of the stuff did you make? Indonesian police have arrested the unnamed man who had been selling his homemade liquor for $1.40 a litre. Hmm and not to be outdone authorities in Uganda are still trying to find the culprit who’s homemade gin  has managed to kill 80 people.Yes, his lethal brew also contained methanol.

Psst Methanol is usually used as a solvent or in antifreeze.


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