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If first you don’t succeed, think middle ages. Drug smugglers have been caught on surveillance cameras catapulting packs of cannibis over the Mexican border into the US. Atta boys.The fun ended after the Naco Border Patrol Station watched them for awhile before contacting the Mexican authorities. Yes, they even seized the catapult!


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Everything Is Bigger In Texas

A drug cartel is believed to behind the murder of 72 illegal immigrants found on a ranch in Texas near the Mexican border. The lone survivor who stumbled wounded to a checkpoint on the highway told his story of woe to marines manning the post. Police later found the bodies of 58 men and 14 women. The man claims he was kidnapped by an armed gang who demanded extortion money. Authorities suspect the gang was the notorious Zetas drug cartel who control the area. Hmm, since when have a drug cartel controlled parts of Texas ?


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Drug Smuggler Does a Sewer Tour

Oh shit!

You pretty much know where you are on the food chain when you have to wear scuba gear and wade through a friggin sewer system to sneak two bundles of marijuana across the Mexican border. Friggin close to the bottom.  Those damn pesky  border patrol agents, with their sporty new infrared cameras, watched the sucker carry the bundles in waste high sludge. As soon as the sewer rat, in his scuba gear, realized he’d been sprung he took no chances and dropped the shit and took off back in the general vicinity of Mexico. The marijuana was estimated to be worth about $44,000.

Psst For goodness sakes people just remember when taking drugs it is highly likely it was up someone’s butt, dragged through a sewer or hidden in a dead animal!


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