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Parrot Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

parrotYou know what I hate? When you are driving through Mexico City with your pet parrot and you get stopped by police and the parrot keeps saying over and over again “he’s drunk, he’s drunk”. I really friggin hate that, especially when he was right. That was an arrest right there. As for the parrot, he was allowed to accompany his owner to jail.


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Temple Of The Snake Has A Secret Tunnel

You see that?

Guess what loons? Archaeologists  have discovered a tunnel under the Temple of the Snake in pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan near Mexico City. The tunnel is  14m beneath the ground and has been sealed for about 1,800 years. Many are already hinting this could be one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 21st century.Dear god I wonder what nasties are hiding in that? Did we not learn anything from Tutankhamen?

Psst I bet there is a friggin good reason why they called it Temple of the SNAKE!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Honey, Get Back To Painting The Friggin Nursery !

Doesn't seem to be moving

You know what I hate? When  a baby is declared dead by doctors and then can be heard crying from the coffin during her wake. I really friggin hate that. The parents were shocked when they lifted the lid on the little coffin, after hearing a muffled noise, to see their snowflake crying her little heart out. Hidalgo state Attorney General has announced the doctors could be in big friggin trouble.


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150 Ferrets Stolen

How bad could Mexico City be guys?

I am not sure why you would want 150 ferrets, but three armed men from Mexico City held up a truck and stole 14 boxes of ferrets imported from the US. After a high speed chase the suspects hit a tree (pop goes the weasels) and fled leaving the ferrets twiddling their thumbs. Two of the crooks were eventually arrested and the ferrets were reunited  with the veterinarian who was their rightful owner. Don’t ask, I have know idea what a vet would want with all those ferrets, I just hope it ain’t for coats.

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Oh No, You idiots!

Midget twin brother wrestlers die in hotel roomIt is believed two prostitutes were behind the death of well known Mexican Lucha Mini wrestlers Alberto and Alejandro Jimenezwere (aka La Parkita and El Espectrito Jr). Hmm, seems the twin brothers had a thing for the ladies and hired two women for the night. Unfortunately they picked the wrong two.The bodies of the vertically challenged wrestlers  were discovered after two women were seen leaving their hotel room in Mexico City. The hookers were said to be members of the  Las Goteras gang who are notorious for drugging their clients and then robbing them.Hello ladies, they were little people you were suppose to halve the dose.Police believe the brothers died from an overdose. All their valuables and some of their dignity were missing from the room.

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Terminal 2 the Sequel

Is it Tom Hanks envy? Hiroshi Nohara, a Japanese resident, flew into Mexico City on September 2nd and never left. Nope, not the city, the airport terminal. Yep, the stinking, long haired dandruff covered tourist has been in the terminal 2 for 3 months and will probably be there another three (until his visa runs out). Hmm, despite the stench and the scary looking features, Nohara has become quite the celebrity with the local TV stations giving nearly daily news reports of his progress (they even paid for an interpreter). The local fast food restaurants have sort of adopted him too, giving him free food in return for whacking any form of attire, such as hats and t-shirts, on him when the cameras are around.He sleeps on those uncomfortable chairs at night and spends the most of the day just eating donated food. People are now making special trips to the airport just to see him and get a photo or an autograph. He says he has no particular reason for being there but refuses to leave. The Embassy is powerless to do anything about the situation because he has a visa and a return ticket. Gosh, I pity the fool who has the seat next to him when he decides to return home. Friggin pointless way to travel. Shame he didn’t watch Castaway instead! Wanna see the video…warning it is really poor quality but at least you get to see the smelly dude in action…

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F@#!ing Thieves

Was it pre-planned? Thieves have made off with a “condom mobile” full of condoms and a 7m inflatable replica in Mexico City. When the vehicle was later found all 4,000 condoms were gone and so too the inflatable (and its motor) plus the sound equipment. All the HIV tests were left behind though!

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