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Jesus on a Mushroom

For 137 years a church in Mexico has worshipped a mushroom found by a lumberjack. Reason? Jesus is on it of course. They have an annual festival in honour of the mushroom. The Jesus mushroom is believed to have spiritual powers. Hmmm, so its a magic mushroom?

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Bite Me

People can be so stupid that sometimes you wish bad things happen to stupid people. Unfortunately for this dumbass, the croc must have realized she was a friggin idiot and just snapped at her stupidity. Come on croc, you could have at least taken a chunk out of her foot.

PSST She has been banned from the zoo


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And You Are Worried About ISIS

embarrassedOK, here’s the thing. As we look on in horror at the actions of the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East, just south of the US border uber atrocities are being committed every friggin day. 43 children from a Mexican town vanish without a trace. Their crime? Protesting about the drug cartels. Their punishment? They were handed over to the drug gangs by none other than the city’s Mayor and his wife. A woman who tweeted about the violent crimes in her city to warn others, was kidnapped and murdered. The murderers then tweeted images of her dead body warning people this will be the consequences of anyone else considering doing the same. This is just in today’s news. Seriously people, we need to wake up and smell the drug cartels too!!!!


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Send In The Clowns

Drug lord killed by clown assassinsDo you know what’s scarier than a Mexican drug lord? A posse of clown assassins who gun down a Mexican drug lord at a children’s party. Yep, one of Mexico’s most powerful former bigwigs met his maker when a group of assassins dressed as clowns ( including red nose and wig) entered a family gathering being held at a major tourist resort and shot him dead at point blank range. The clowns fled before police arrived. Hmm, they obviously didn’t wear the oversized shoes!!!!


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Beauty Isn’t Bulletproof

Miss Sinaloa 2012 has been gunned down and killed in a Mexican gunfight. Maria Susana Flores’ body was found  in her hitman boyfriend’s car after a exchange of fire with soldiers. Yes, seems the beauty queen was involved with the Sinaloa drug cartel.


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Chocolate Has Been Around Before Christ

Who took my soft centers??????

OK, we might have to whisper because the Wombies may hear this, but a 2500 year old chocolate has been found in Mexico. I said shhhhh. Evidently this is the first time  a piece of chocolate has been unearthed  in a pre-Hispanic site. Archeologists have only previously found traces of cacao beans in beverages not solid foods, suggesting that someone didn’t finish eating their chocolate!!!!!


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That Will Be Some Line Waiting For A Spare Breast

I have trouble just remembering my own name!!!

Move over Octomom, Nonamom is coming through. Mexican woman Karla Vanessa Perezis is expecting 9 bubs after using fertility treatment AND yes Karla already has triplets, just in case if you were wondering. AND no, the don’t look like they could rub two pennies together. Roll up, roll up, the welfare train is rolling into town.

UPDATE: TMZ are reporting the woman is friggin lying!!! Big question is why?


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Jesus Is Back

It’s been awhile but Jesus has reappeared, this time on a tortilla in Mexico on Ash Wednesday. David Sandoval of Espanola was preparing a meal when he saw Jesus staring at him from a tortilla. He showed the image to his mom who replied “Oh my God.”



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Home Comforts in Jail

What would you expect to find in a Acapulco jail during a surprise inspection? Close, but no! The surprise inspection revealed 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma TVs, 100 Cockerels for fighting and a couple of sacks of marijuana.Ta-da! Seems inmates run their own show down in Mexico.


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Drug Cartels Murdering Bloggers

Thats a defriending you Zetas bastards!!!

What the hell is going on in Mexico? Seems drug cartels have switched their violence to social media users. Two bodies have been found hanging from the Nuevo Laredo bridge after they allegedly posted “funny things on the Internet” which basically denounced the gangs. The unknown woman in her 20’s had been  hogtied and disemboweled. Both had signs left near them,  one of which read “This is going to happen to all of those posting funny things on the Internet. You better fucking pay attention. I’m about to get you.”  Many people have switched from traditional media to blogging as a way to report violence in Mexico and the cartels aren’t pleased. The blogs Al Rojo Vivo and Blog del Narco have been singled out by the gangs as they encourage people to report on drug cartel activities. Sheez, these people aren’t even human.

Psst Loon is cancelling holiday plans to South America, indefinitely. The tequila will have to wait!


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