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Who’s killing the great nuclear scientists of Iran?

Come out, come out, where ever you are. Seems over the last few years Iran’s top scientists have systematically been  bumped off and fingers are being pointing directly at US (CIA), UK (MI6) and Israel (Mossad).The latest victim was Ahmadi Roshan, a deputy director of Iran’s main uranium enrichment plant, who was going on his merry way when assassins on motorbikes rode up along side his car and placed a magnetic bomb  ….. kaboom. Now Imadinnerjacket and the Ayatollah are peeved. Oh boy, the UN, shall be expecting some strongly worded letters, no doubt!


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Kind Of Like Finger Painting!

I can't do this under pressure

Ewh, ewh, ewh, I would step away from any top-secret World War I documents you may come across if I were you. Seems during that time the MI6 were experimenting with semen as an invisible ink. Oh come on, I wouldn’t make this up, it’s all there in Walte Kirke’s diary. He was deputy head of military intelligence at GHQ France. He mentions that in 1915, Mansfield Cumming (no pun intended), the first chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, was investigating the use of man juice as the ideal invisible ink.   Seems it all went downhill when the agent who discovered that semen would not react to iodine vapor became the butt of jokes. Oh and it also didn’t help that the “ink” friggin stank.


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I Think His Cover Was Blown!

Ewh, what’s red and black and lies in a bathtub? A dead top-secret British spy in a sports bag. It’s all a bit hush hush at the moment but the body of a man found in a London flat is believed to have been working for MI6 (Brits Secret Intelligence Service). Police discovered the partially decomposed remains in a sportsbag in a bathtub after friends became concerned about his whereabouts. Some reports are claiming the murder scene showed signs of being ritualistic in nature.

UPDATE Police have released the name of MI6 agent found dead in the bathtub, he was Gareth Williams. Authorities are concerned that a missing laptop could contain state secrets.


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A Spook on Facebook

You must de-friend me...NOW!

You must de-friend me...NOW!

Honey, sweetie, darl…no! You are the wife of the soon to be head of MI6 (or Secret Intelligence Service) you don’t go posting your hubby’s face on your friggin Facebook page. Geez, were you not briefed? Lady Shelley Sawers thought nothing of posting her family snaps including Sir John Sawers himself,their home, holiday destinations and even some of their relis and friends on the popular social media site. Oooh and it has no privacy protection.Brilliant! And guess who’s  brother-in-law is an associate of David Irving, the controversial Right-wing historian? Sir John Sawers…bravo for that tidbit. Hmm, quick everyone, witness protection program ASAP!

Psst Nice speedos Johnny!


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