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Who’s The Man In The Windshield?

OK loons, have a guess whose face this is in that blob of bird poop.  Go on, take your time.

If you said Michael Jackson take a bow. Some dude in Chicago was lucky enough to have some bird shit the late singer onto his windshield. He told reporters how he suddenly saw Jacko appear before his very eyes and how it became even more evident when the poop hardened.  Now he has plonked the windshield on eBay at a reserve price of $500. Smooth criminal.


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Whitney Has A Welcoming Party In Heaven

OK, this is seriously funny, especially when Whitney explains what really happened.


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Dr Conrad Murray Get The Maximum

I’m betting Dr Conrad Murray wishes he could take some propofol with him where he’s going. Sheez, 4 years huh? Should have cried more!!!

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Michael Jackson’s Death Bed Anyone?

OK loons, guess what is up for auction? Here’s a hint, think macabre, creepy and totally inappropriate. No, not me silly! It’s Michael Jackson’s bed. Yep, the one he died in. Oh for the love of all things sacred, who wants to sleep in that? I hope they changed the sheets! Hmm, and what’s the King of Pop doing sleeping in a queen size bed?


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Conrad Murray Guilty

After 9 hours of deliberation Dr Conrad Murray has been found GUILTY of involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson which could see him behind bars for 4 years. Fans outside the court house who had been chanting ” guilty” were elated by the decision, Mr Murray not so much!

Psst I hope that jail ain’t overcrowded!!!!!


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Michael Jackson Verdict

Tick tock, tick tock, everyone is waiting with bated breath for the verdict in the death of Michael Jackson . I bet Conrad Murray is packing his daks.

UPDATE : The jury have gone home for the weekend after failing to reach a unanimous verdict. We won’t know a thing until Monday. A few restless night sleeps for the doc!


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Michael Jackson Statue Controversy

OMG, Mohamed Al Fayed has really showered himself with crazy this time. The ex owner of Harrod’s and owner of the Fulham soccer team has erected a statue of ….wait for it… Michael Jackson, outside the football grounds. Some fans are bemused while others are appalled at the 15 ft, £100,000 statue. One fan said “We’re a laughing stock” . In response Mr Fayed said “If some stupid fans don’t understand and appreciate such a gift they can go to hell” or “Chelsea”. Michael evidently attended one match as a guest of Fayed a few years back. Hmm, Michael Jackson is to soccer as Charlie Sheen is to losing!

Psst I suppose it’s better than being erected outside a kindergarten.


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Oh for the love of god Lindsay, can you stop snorting long enough to get on Oprah. Yoyo Lindsay spent less than 24 hours behind bars after failing two drug tests before she was granted bail.Duh, how can we follow the train wreck if she’s behind bars? Eddie Fisher passed away.OK for anyone too young to know who the hell he was, he’s Carrie Fisher’s papa (Princess Leia for goodness sakes).Fisher was married to Debbie Reynolds before Liz Taylor got her talons into him.  Michael Jackson’s mom claims she can’t live on $26,000 a month. Hmm, lets see $26,000 divided by 348 freeloading relis that’s like $74.72 each. They are about to foreclose on Octomom’s house so she had a yard sale. Why bother, she’ll soon be a free boarder compliments of the US taxpayers.Sheez, talk about an irresponsible uterus. Oh and last but not least Aussie actress Portia de Rossi is now officially Portia DeGeneres.You’re owned!


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Rumor Mill Round Up


Yes, Michael Jackson has really been dead for one whole year but according to Jermaine he would still be alive if he had only converted to Islam, Jessica Simpson found something worse to wear than mom jeans, Robert Pattinson is related to Vlad the impaler, Heather Mills plans to do an Eddie the Eagle by entering the 2014 Paralympics ,  no one’s buying Jeremy Londons’ kidnapping story, even Prince Harry thought his mom was friggin mad and Lindsay Lohan is still breathing !


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Janet Jackson Sounds Like Her Dead Brother

OK Loons, did anyone watch the Idol Finale except me?  Well, you missed the creepiest thing on TV (no, it wasn’t  “Pants on the ground” dude  singing with a plump William Hung) but Janet Jackson sounding like her dead brother. For the love of god it was so friggin creepy I just have to share.

Psst The freaky creepy bit starts 1.30 into the clip.

2nd Psst A big shout out to Bret Michaels for not croaking on stage.

Here is what it sounds like when someone messed with it a little more….


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