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Obama Talks Marriage Without TOTUS

Oh my, it seems TOTUS-less Obama is finding it hard to articulate now, especially when it comes to talking about his marriage. I’m sure some of Obama’s relis weren’t overly impressed with his comments to reporters that he married his ‘cute’ wife to improve his ‘gene pool’. For the love of god can someone please return his friggin teleprompter ASAP!!!

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That’s Rich!

OK, I don’t want to be ruffling anyone’s feathers here but WTF, Michele Obama has friggin 26 servants? Tell me it isn’t so. No seriously, how can anyone take Obama’s monotone speeches about corporate fatcats seriously when he is feeding one himself (to the tune of $1.5 million). Pot calling the kettle…ah never mind. Can’t she just pick up her own clothes? I’m just saying…


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Obama In The Doghouse

You think Michelle Obama was less than impressed that hubby got off the lead to do a little salsa with Latin pop star Thalia? He might need that Nobel Peace prize after all. The incident happened at the Fiesta Latina event at the White House. Move over Bo I’m coming in!


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Anything You Can Do..

Another steep learning curve for the Royal staff!

Another steep learning curve for the Royal staff!

Sorry people, it has been a pretty slow news week culminating in the announcement that the Queen has dug a veggie patch at the back of Buckingham Palace. Ooh what a news leek leak ! It seems the Queen is taking a leaf out of Michelle Obama’s cabbage patch by creating her own organic vegetable garden. Like peas in a pod, those two! But in a move of one up man-ship the Queen has announced she will be growing Royal Red and Blue Queen beans and three varieties of royal lettuce; Golden Queen, Queen of Hearts and White Queen. Beet Beat that Michelle!

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