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Why You Should Never Use a Convenient Store Microwave

One more times Loons, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT use a 7-Eleven microwave to heat up a urine sample. A woman in Colorado did and it went kaboom. Yep, the plastic bottle exploded and lined the oven with yellow, smelly pee. When confronted by staff, the woman wiped the pee onto the floor and walked out. Say it ain’t so.


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So, What’s Cooking?

Oh for the love of god Denonta Thadison, don’t be ringing the police to report a missing $10,000 if you have 2lbs of crack and powdered cocaine hiding in your microwave. Thadison panicked when he couldn’t find his money so he rang the police. When officers did a quick search of his hotel room they found the money in the microwave along with his stash of drugs. That’s an arrest for you and  your girlfriend plus a little holiday for your 16 month boy, care of the Department of Human Services.

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Deliver Us From Evil

I said Clarendon you idiot!

OK, so a man shoots up his hotel room with a gun, no real biggie, but then leaves a note saying “God delivered me from evil and placed me in Albion, Michigan.”. Geez, now everybody panic. Albion, Michigan? I think god was messing with ya!

Psst Oh did I forget to mention he also tried to cook his alarm clock in the microwave?


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OK, here’s the thing people, be really careful when opening microwave ovens at the West Chester IKEA store in Ohio, you might just find yourself a lamb’s head. No suspects yet but police are trying to put the pieces together.

Psst Might need a Allen key!


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