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Hannah Montana Just Went Into Cardiac

Sweet niblets, Miley Cyrus went all Jersey Shore at the MTV music awards last night and got quiet the response…. Here’s the Smith family’s reaction


Cyrus stripped down to a her undies and bra before gyrating around stage with Robin  Thicke ….and then came hilarious tweets

Lexi Patides @LexiPatides

The only thing that could top Miley Cyrus is if they bust Amanda Bynes out in a straight jacket and let her free to attack Drake. #MTVVMAs

mileyAnd then just as you stopped cringing enter the  foam hand ….

Sarah Fraser @heyfrase

How violated do u think that foam finger Miley Cyrus was using feels? #VMAs

All in all a success for Miley in her quest to be noticed.

Psst All incriminating evidence has been removed from Youtube.


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Irrelevant Breaking News

You know the end of the world is near when Aussie newspapers have breaking news like this …. Miley Cyrus rescues abandoned puppy . OK, sure, it was outside of an LA Walmart, but it ain’t breaking news. Hmm, Miley Cyrus mauled to death by an abandoned puppy, now that is breaking news!!!!


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Rumor Mill Round Up

This weeks gossip round up. Tiger is NOT the father,Gary Coleman still not buried and Micheal Jackson’s doctor continues to practice. Two heiresses have made the news, the Samsung one being not as lucky as the Yahoo one (40 years jail vs smoke inhalation). I know which one I would want to be. Mistaken Bieber sighting ends with an embarrassed 27 year old woman having to show her ID to police. Showing Miley without undies is considered child porn, Perez! Oh and Lindsay continues to accidentally spill alcohol on her anklet. What the hell is up with Sheen’s car? Ends up over a cliff again!!!!  AND no there is no Royal bun in the oven!!!


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Miley Cyrus Jewelry is toxic

That's what you get for mocking

Sweet niblets, Miley trinkets are toxic (hmm, so is her music but I digress). Evidently Wal-Mart Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana jewelry contains high  levels of friggin cadmium, some crap that shrivels your kidneys and brain (and common in Made In China products). Wal-Mart are throwing the necklaces and bracelets off the shelves as we speak, while their PR department handles the media who claim Wal-Mart knew about the toxic concerns in February. Sometimes having exclusivity can be a bitch! Wal-Mart said that while the jewelry is not intended for children, “it is possible that a few younger consumers may seek it out in stores.” WTF, who else would wear cheap friggin “teen star” trinkets? Even more bizarre a representative from the jewelry industry said they weren’t necessarily concerned about the high levels in the jewelery but how much of the shit came off the item when sucked , bitten or swallowed!


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The Hannah Montana Doll F***ing Swears!

Sweet niblets the Hanna Montana doll friggin swears! WTF! No shit, this is seriously funny. Every friggin year some bloody mom gets OMG upset over some friggin talking doll that swears or has some secret religious message deliberately concealed in the dialogue. Now it’s Miley Cyrus’s alter ego Hannah Montana’s turn. OFFS, a friggin Christmas doll ! F***ing pies!


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Miley Raps It Up

Sweet nibblets, Miley is no longer a twit. That’s right she has quit Twitter. But did she have to do it via a rap song on YouTube for goodness sakes (Kanye West is going to be pissed!). Oh well, it seems Demi is the only one left showing her tweets!

Psst She gets my nod for Nobel Peace Prize (now we can all get some!).

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Climb Off

No honey, no. Some poor wretched soul (aka Nichole337) has posted a video of herself singing Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb”. I couldn’t get through it, it was too painful …see if you fair any better.Why didn’t someone stop her 😦 .

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