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Rogue Soldier Kills 16

An American soldier is believed responsible for the carnage in an Afghanistan village which has left 16 dead, including women and children. The rogue soldier went from house to house at 3am shooting indiscriminately at people. The soldier has since been arrested but it leaves the US military with an enormous diplomatic nightmare.Thoughts and prayers for the Afghan community.



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Blood On The Dance Floor

Cat got your tongue?

What the? Canadian police are searching for a British man who allegedly bit off a woman’s tongue and swallowed it while on a barroom dance floor. The man, who claimed he was a British soldier, sidled up to three Saskatchewan women and began making a nuisance of himself. As the night progressed he became more and more aggressive. At around 1.30am the soldier took one of the women onto the dance floor and at some stage chomped off her tongue. One of her friends said she turned around with blood pouring from her mouth and said “he fucking bit my tongue off.” After an extensive search for the tongue they concluded the man must have eaten it. He did a runner and now the military are freaking it’s one of theirs!


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He’s Everything All Rolled Into One!

Holy cross dressing, murdering, Canadian commander, Batman. Sheez, Colonel Russell Williams was by day,  in charge of Canada’s largest air force base, a well respected pilot and loving hubby but by night he was a murdering, cross dressing, sex fiend. Williams has pleaded guilty to murdering two women and raping two others (plus taking photos) during  86 lurid sex crimes (which involved mainly stealing women’s lingerie) . Needless to say  the military are still friggin stunned. During the investigation they found hundreds of photos of Williams wearing stolen lingerie in the victim’s bedrooms while he masturbated. A large amount of stolen undies and bras, which were meticulously categorized and stored in bags and boxes, were found at his home he shared with his wife of 19 years.It is believed at least once he wore his military uniform during a break-in.Williams is facing life behind bars and decades of humiliation.

Psst You can read the full story here on Wiki.


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Gang Culture In The Military

OK, hand over your purse lady!

OK people no need for alarm but a Chicago cop who served in Iraq and Afghanistan says there is a growing gang culture in the military and we need to get ready for gang members coming home with military training. Yep, he claims the Bagram Air Base is friggin covered in Chicago gang graffiti and not just from one gang,  from several. The concern is when they return home and back to gang life they will be equipped with military tactics that they can ( and most probably will) use against police, other gangs and the public. Rambo!

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UFO Closes Chinese Airport

Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird? It’s a plane? Ah shit, it’s a friggin UFO.Xiaoshan Airport in China was closed after an unidentified flying object suddenly appeared on radar and scared the living bejeesus out of everyone. Chinese officials claim they know what it was but say they can’t tell because it’s a military secret. Hmm, OK, well that narrows the options.


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Whoopsie, the Indonesian government have apologized to a woman who lost her leg when a wayward rocket used during a military test launch, blew her house up and her leg off.  Her hubby was also injured and both are in recovering in hospital. The cause of the mishap has been blamed on a big gust of wind. They have been offered compensation.


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