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Sorry Sir They Don’t Exist

A man in Iowa tried to deposit a $1 million bill into his bank account.  Needless to say the bank rang the cops who asked him if he has any more million dollar bills and low and behold a baggie of meth fell from his pocket. Naw, bless. I wonder whose face he drew on the bill?

PSST  I wonder what he exchanged for the bill? He is going to be right pissed when the fog lifts!

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Thanks a Million

Whatever you do Loons, don’t figgin give birth while holidaying in Canada. An Aussie woman has got herself a whopping million dollar medical bill thanks to her little bub Piper. Ms Evans went into premature labour as she was about to board a plane out of Canada, three months later she was still there (in hospital that is) with the bill just ticking away. Seems her travel insurance won’t cover her labour or the baby’s hospital care. Hmm, so lets see, $8120 a day for 90 days, plus doctors and specialists bills…hand me a martini!!! Oh but don’t worry loons the hospital have given them a pay off plan. Yep $300 a month. Hmm, which means they should be square in 278 years!!!!


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Change For A Million ?

OK,  here’s the thing man from North Carolina, make sure when you are using a fake bill at Walmart, it isn’t a million dollar note because the US mint don’t print such a thing. Hmm, and besides, who has friggin change. Michael Anthony Fuller spent $476 worth of goods before handing over the Walmart cashier the phony $1 million bill, they in turn called the cops and he was promptly arrested.

Psst Note to future forgers, the US mint stop printing anything larger than$100 in 1969.


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