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UFO Over Jerusalem

No need to panic Loons, but what the hell was that glowing object flying over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on Saturday? The object appeared in the sky at around 1am  and slowly descended to almost ground level before shooting upwards at lightning fast speed. Four different vids from 4 different perspectives have appeared on Youtube. Former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope said “We know the Israeli army has some very high-tech drones at its disposal. If this is one, it is one of the most advanced pieces of technology created by man.” Personally I think it could be Roger Ramjet. Thoughts?

Psst The Dome of The Rock is a no fly zone.


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UFO Files Censored

Last week after a great deal of hullabaloo from the general pubic about freedom of information yada, yada, yada, the British government released the Ministry of Defence UFO files. And we are talking friggin files upon files dating from 1994-2000.Weird alien abductions, flying saucers, strange skin rashes, tubes of light,you name it, its all there for all the world to see. So anywho, you would have thought it would have shut the x-filers up for a while. Nope, no sirree, now they are now bitching about the “blacked out” bits. Hmm, seems the “uncomplimentary comments”, made by military and police (where I assume they were pulling the piss big time) have been edited out. Oh boo, that would have been the most entertaining part. However, some of the more suspicious and cynical buffs believe there is more to the censoring of the files. Of course!

Psst To all you UFO buffs, click here for the Ministry of Defence  files and knock yourself out!


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Document About How To Avoid Leaks On The Internet is Leaked!

Leave me alone you spooks, it wasn't me, I swear!

Leave me alone you spooks, it wasn't me, I swear!

All hail Wikileaks. Hello, of course if the Ministry of Defence writes a restricted piece on how to avoid stopping your documents being leaked on the internet, it’s going to get leaked, duh! The 2,400 page Defence Manual of Security intended for the eyes of the armed forces and intelligence personnel has made it’s way onto the Wikileaks website, which publishes anonymous leaks of sensitive information from organizations including governments, corporations and religions. It’s way too easy. Wanna see the document?  Sure you do….click right here Wikileaks.

Psst If you clicked you are probably being monitored by the CIA, FBI,MI6, KGB, FARK, Kim Jong Il, Imadinnerjacket, Scotland Yard, Kevin Rudd, al qaeda, ASIO, Microsoft, Indian telemarketers and the whole of Nigeria.


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How Do You Fake A Missing Limb?

Hmm, typing with a missing finger are we?

Hmm, typing with a missing finger are we?

Holy covert spooks Batman. OK here’s the thing Ministry of Defence people, it is highly unlikely that compensation cheats joined the forces to rip you off. They are doing quite nicely back home without having to dodge bullets in Iraq and Afganistan first, thank you very much. But it has been revealed that the British MoD are using their undercover spying powers to weed out would-be injured soldier fraudsters  by any means possible, including video surveillence, wire tapping and scanning phone records. How the hell do you fake a friggin war injury?  Hmm and anyone claiming compo better be friggin careful, you are being watched! Over 200 injured soldiers have received threatening letters warning them they could possibly be under surveillance. Nothing like knowing they care! It seems the MoD are using the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), which was originally set up to help the police and MI5 monitor terrorists in the UK, to allow them to spy. Hmm, if that had paid this much attention to Osama Bin Laden maybe they would have…ah never mind!


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