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Enter Squirrels

Squirrels join easter egg huntWhat could possibly go wrong at an Easter egg hunt in Minneapolis? Hmm, how about a mob of candy lovin squirrels? Seems the furry little rodents decided to out run join the 100 snowflakes in looking for the eggs, sniffing out all the candy filled ones and ignoring the ones with toys . Hmm, sounds more like wombies dressed in squirrel’s clothing to me.


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Good To Know Minneapolis

And the quote of the week goes to a Minneapolis police spokesman who had this to say following the shooting of a teen in the chest while riding his bike.

“There are a number of kids who walk or ride their bikes through north Minneapolis who do not get shot,”


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Special Delivery

OMG, who would attempt to post this little cutie through the mail? A woman from Minneapolis, that’s who!!! Yep, Stacey Champion allegedly packed up the puppy in a box with a priority sticker and took it to her local Post Office. Workers only discovered the animal when it moved inside the box and fell off the counter. It was a birthday present ūüė¶¬† . Nice one, a dead puppy…happy friggin birthday. She has been charged with animal cruelty.

Want sauce with that?


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Quick Quiz

Which city is the gayest in America? Come on loons, put on your fluffy slippers and think. According the gay news magazine, the Advocate, the gayest city in America is …. drum roll please….Minneapolis. Well I’ll be a fairy princess!


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Metrodome Roof Collapses

This is the best friggin roof collapse you will see all day.


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BYO Doggie Poop Bags

Thanks a friggin lot!

You know times are tough when a suburb in Minneapolis stops providing free doggie poop bags. Yes, Edina has stopped providing bags as of this very minute, saving themselves $12,000 a year but will probably cost them dearly in the long run! Might want to check your shoes at the door people!


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