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What Are The Chances?

You are recently married and have a serious kidney ailment. The kidney your mother donated several years before is about to fail the the only chance of survival is finding someone with a 99% kidney match (1% of the population) who is willing to give it over. You think, oh crap. Then the doctor tells you they have found a perfect match….your new wife!!! Seriously dude, you are one lucky bastard. Get well soon Jonathan Woodlief.


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Christmas Miracle


Nothing can get you out of a 2 month coma faster than the words “live organ donor”. Doctors at a Arizona hospital were just hours from taking Sam Schmid off life support, believing him to be brain dead after a serious car accident and had even discussed putting him on the donor organ list, when he began moving two fingers. Sheez, talk about cutting it close! Now the college student is expected to make a full recovery. Fa lalalalala la la la la.

Want sauce with that?


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Miracles Do Happen, Just Not This Time

A man in Wichita, Kansas, spent a week living with the body of his dead fiance hoping if he prayed hard enough she might come back to life. Sadly, the miracle didn’t happen. Police discovered the body of the woman in bed after relatives became concerned about her. Police believe there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.


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Miracle Dog Survives Tsunami

Kleenex alert loons. OMG , we have a miracle. This Friday a Japan Coast Guard Elite Rescue Unit rescued a dog found adrift on a roof at sea. Yes, the pooch had been floating around the sea since the tsunami hit Japan on March 11th. The rescue unit, nicknamed “sea monkeys”, originally attempted to save the dog by helicopter but the noise scared the living daylights out of it, so they sent a boat instead.  The dog, who was wearing a collar, was extremely friendly (I would be too if I was rescued from sea) and happy to chomp down on biscuits and sausages ( I, not so much). No one is quite sure if the dog spent the entire three weeks adrift  but they do know one thing… its a friggin miracle.


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Jesus Is Back

Jesus on a flag people, Jesus on a flag. Yes, Jesus is now flapping in the wind at the Candia Liquid Planet Water Park after his image suddenly appeared on their lifeguard flag. Oh and bless, since the appearance of Jesus the weather has been more than perfect and attendance has been up 200%. The owners sister Kelly Dumont ain’t buying it “I think they’re all a bunch of nuts. It looks more like a gladiator, or the Beatles,” Anywho, a Catholic  priest is expected to have a gander to determine if it’s a miracle or a hoax.


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