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Epic Scare


Attention people of Hawaii. Get out of your bomb shelters, storm drains, cupboards and caves, there is no ballistic missile heading your way. Whoops, we bad? Seems a Government worker accidentally sent a phone warning to Smart phone users, scaring the sh*t out of them. It didn’t help that the  message said “ this is not  a drill ,seek immediate shelter” all in capital letters. It also didn’t help that it took 40 minutes to retract the message. The streets soon filled with people crying and screaming. One parent was seen shoving his kid down a manhole. Oh the humanity.

PSST Apparantly the man who activated  the text is feeling bad.

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Loon Solution

Hey Kim Jong Un, what’s up with popping those missiles over Japan? You know damn well the UN is going to send you a harshly worded letter… AGAIN. I suggest the world retaliates by dropping millions and millions of junk food parcels into Pyongyang. Imagine how pissed the North Koreans will be with Kim Jong Un when they realise they have been hangry all these years. Just keep dropping chocolate, gummy bears, Mars bars, cookies, Starbucks (luke warm of course)…goddam everything, the sugar rush alone is enough to cause an overthrow.


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It’s Conspiracy Time

Remember that meteorite that crashed into Russia a few weeks back? Hmm, well, some are suggesting it was shot down by a missile or UFO.


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Kim Jong Um Has A Dud Rocket

OK Aussie Loons, you can down the hard hats. Kim Jong Um’s rocket shat itself shortly after take off. Move on, nothing to see here. North Korea had been threatening all week to launch a long range missile into Aussie airspace but it seems they had trouble keeping it up. Tsk, tsk , tsk,seems to be a common problem.


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What The Hell Was That?

OK, no need to panic people, but who the hell launched that friggin missle off the coast of LA? Oh and don’t bother asking the Pentagon because they are still WTFing over it and so too the military.The missile, which appears to have been launched from sea,  was accidentally captured on film by the KCBS news helicopter on Monday. Pentagon Spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan said so far the missile is “unexplained” and can’t rule out a possible threat to homeland security because the military basically don’t know what the hell it is or where  it friggin came from.


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Whoopsie, the Indonesian government have apologized to a woman who lost her leg when a wayward rocket used during a military test launch, blew her house up and her leg off.  Her hubby was also injured and both are in recovering in hospital. The cause of the mishap has been blamed on a big gust of wind. They have been offered compensation.


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