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What’s The Odds?

A news crew in the US, about to do a live feed about a man who had been missing for 14 hours, were bemused when he walked into shot .


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Foot Identified

Remember the severed foot in a sneaker mystery ? You know, where feet in shoes keep washing up on Canadian beaches. Anywho, they have positively identified one of the feet and get this……it belongs to a fisherman who died in 1987!!!! Stefan Zahorujko’s boat was found overturned in Sasamat Lake 25 years ago but his body was never found. So far nine feet have washed up in British Columbia in the last 4 years of which 5 have been identified.

OK, I am going for alien abduction theory!


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Missing Man Found Under House

Oh no, an LA  man who went misssing 5 years ago may have been found mummified in a crawlspace. According to family members he had a habit of hiding in closets and confinced areas. Authorities  believe he was sleeping under the house when he died of natural causes because he was found with his pillow.


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Mummified Body Found In Chimney

Ewh, a mummified body, believed to have been wedged in a chimney for 20 odd years, was discovered in a derelict industrial building in Finland. Authorities discovered a wallet on the corpse which indicated the man was born in 1953. Further investigation revealed he had gone missing in 1991 and declared dead in the early 2000s. Police are still not sure if he was dumped in the chimney or he simply got stuck in it.


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Missing Man’s Defriending On Facebook

Not really news but still friggin funny…. since the mysterious disappearance of wealthy  businessman Herman Rockefeller earlier this week, he has suddenly gotten 21 new friends on Facebook. But the thing is, someone has defriended two of them. Prior to his disappearance he only had one friend on the social networking site. No word on who if anyone else has access to his Facebook passwords. This just gets stranger by the minute.


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