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Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Stephen King doesn’t just write scary novels he has also produced children with a keen eye for a good mystery. Joe Hill (aka Stephen King’s son) believes he may have solved a 1974 murder mystery by watching the movie Jaws. Apparently a woman who appears as an extra in a crowd scene looks very similar to an unidentified murder victim known as ‘Lady of the Dunes’.

The body of a woman who has never been identified was found badly decomposing (missing her hands) in Massachusetts in 1974. She was also found near where the Steven Spielberg movie was shot a few months earlier. A computer-generated image of what the ‘Lady of the Dunes’ would have looked like is very similar to the woman in the crowd scene. What ya think?

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Didn’t Look Very Hard!

Ewh, a woman who bought a new apartment in Portugal got a nasty surprise when she discovered the corpse of the previous owner and her dog rotting on the kitchen floor (well, probably no longer rotting). The property was auctioned off recently after the elderly owner, Augusta Martinho, apparently disappeared in 2002. When the excited new owner entered the property for the first time, voila, there were  the bodies. Hmm, sweet dreams.

Want sauce with that?


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The Cleaning Staff Suck!

A Memphis woman who had been missing since January has been found dead under a mattress in the hotel room she had been staying at. Despite numerous checks of the room by family members, staff and police no one discovered Sony Millbrook. The room had been rented out around 5 times before someone finally complained about a bad odor.

Psst The bed in question had a metal box frame around it.


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