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I Hope It Is Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen has been missing for seven years, presumed dead after his mother ‘s body was discovered in a hotel room. She had left a note saying that Timmothy was safe but no one would ever find him. Well, apparently that is not the case, he has been allegedly found ALIVE. Yesterday a teenager in Kentucky was roaming the streets asking for help. He said he was Timothy and he had been held captive for 7 years and had managed to escape by running across the State line from Ohio into Kentucky. No confirmation the boy is Timmothy but fingers crossed for his father’s sake.

Please note: If you get held hostage and have the slightest window of opportunity… RUN. And I don’t mean run down the block, I mean run as fast as you can for as long as you can until you can find help.  There must be hundreds of missing people around the world trapped in houses, dungeons or sheds. I often think of Madeleine McCann and hope if she is alive she has the opportunity and courage to make a run for it. I also hope there is a special place in hell for the people who take these poor innocent victims.

UPDATE: As suspected he is not Timmothy Pitzen. However, on a positive note, it has put fresh light onto the case.

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Slow and Steady

Blahahahahahah stop looking people. The giant tortoise that has been missing from a Japanese zoo for two weeks has been found …. 164 feet (50 meters)  away!!! Look hard much? The $4,500 reward money was given to a father and son who found Abu near the zoo entrance.


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Oh dear, it seems Germany has a disgruntled government worker with sticky fingers (no pun intended) or someone with a severe lavatory fetish. Toilet seats in their new interior ministry have gone missing. Yep, the thief removed every single toilet seat , tap and loo paper holders in the building. Two months prior all the taps from the new BND intelligence agency’s headquarters were nicked, which started leaks throughout the building and caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Hmm, you would think they ‘d  have security cameras. Hello….man carrying uber toilet seats under his arm…suspicious!!!!!



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Prays For Nepal

Yellow-RibbonThoughts and prayers to the people of Nepal and to the 300 or so Australians still unaccounted for following the earthquake on Saturday.


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No Bull

Attention good folks of Minnesota, if you happen across a “milk jug” looking cannister please don’t pour over your breakfast cereal. Seems the cannister contains $70,000 worth of bull semen which went missing from an unlocked barn. Just so you know.


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Woosie The Cat Comes Home

Noooo, I need my pasties

Noooo, I need my pasties

Woosie the cat had been missing for three years when he was finally returned to his family. Woosie was quite enormous because Woosie he had been living off pasties at a factory. Hmm, me thinks Woosie wasn’t lost, Woosie was a food junkie.


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Where On Earth Is Valentine Logar?




Should we send out a search party?


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Dam Beaver Missing

If you just happen upon a 300lb, 4 and a half foot carved wooden beaver,  holding a sign “Welcome to our Dam house.” in your travels,  the Beaver Dam police may want a word. Seems the statue has gone AWOL, along with a carving of a Native American Indian in full headdress but that has been recovered from a ditch along with a statue of a turtle which has yet not been reported missing.


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Hey, I’m Beside Myself

Oh for crying out loud. An Asian tourist joined in the  search for a missing woman, oblivious to the fact it was her they were looking for. The woman was declared missing after she got off a tour bus and changed clothes and her group then failed to recognized her when she got back on board. The search involved 50 people and went throughout the night until the penny dropped and the woman realized the description of the missing woman  sounded a lot like her.


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Who Took The Brisbane Axeman Sculpture?

OK Loons, someone has taken down one of my favourite pieces of public art in Brisbane. It has vamoosed without so much as a news story. I suspect the NAB bank, which now owns the piece, was behind its vanishing act. The Axeman sculpture which was created by John Underwood’s Artbusters Organisation was originally part of the World Expo 1988, hosted by Brisbane.It has been captivating tourists for nearly 25 years. I want it returned no questions asked!!!!  Fingers crossed its just getting a makeover, but I suspect it maybe gone for good. The Sunshine State just got a littler darker 😦


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