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Top 10 Fattest States in the US

Worried about being obese? Well, if you belong to one of these States you probably are, so don’t sweat it! And anywho, if you are to believe the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  about 35.7% of all American adults are obese, so you are not alone.
03.West Virginia

And the winner of the fattest State is Mississippi with 34.9% of the population bursting at the seams. I’d say take a bow, but that could be risky.

Psst Colorado has the skinniest population.

Want fries with that?


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Is That a Lobster In Your Shorts Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Their claws are sharp!!!

Crickey, a man in Mississippi  must have been desperate for the finer things in life. Nathan Hardy waltzed into a D’Iberville grocery store and proceeded to stuff his cargo shorts with food, including 2 live lobsters. Dude? Among the other things slipped into his pants were two bags of jumbo shrimp and a pork loin, which he used to hurl at an employee of the nearby Winn Dixie who gave chase. I don’t know if the live lobsters had anything to do with it but Hardy fell while making his getaway. No word on the condition of the lobsters but I suspect they may be in need of some therapy. Hello, they nearly became lobster meat balls!

Psst Shout out to Deyank for the story.


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Brandon 1, Fred Phelps 0

I just love a feel good story, especially at the expense of the Westboro Baptist Church. The little church of hatred had planned to protest the Mississippi funeral of Sgt. Jason Rogers who was killed in action in Afghanistan but the town folk got wind of their evil intentions and stopped them in their tracks a series of unfortunate events stopped them. Here’s how they did it luck would have it . The towns folk drove over to the hotel where the  protesters were staying  and parked their trucks behind any vehicle  somehow their trucks  all stalled behind vehicles with Kansas number plates. How uncanny was that? Westboro called the local police but unfortunately all their towing service vehicles were busy and wouldn’t be available for several hours. Oh my, very unfortunate. The protesters who did make it to the funeral were ushered away by police for questioning over a crime they believed they may have been involved in. Hmm, seems after a few hours of interrogtion the police had the wrong suspects, so they let them go. Needless to say the funeral went without a hitch. Bravo people of Brandon. And Rest in peace Sgt. Jason Rogers …Lest we forget.

Psst Of course Fred Phelps plans to sue but good luck with the cone of silence!

2 Psst For those who don’t know , the church isn’t about God but money. Fred Phelps makes a fortune suing police and individuals. It’s a scam. Read all about it here…. Scam of the century.


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You Did What?

Goodness gracious me, Andrew Nash has been arrested after he was caught having sex with show hogs. Ewh, worse still, he gave four of them a vaginal infection. Nash was sprung after the hog’s owner was told by a vet of the infections during a routine examination so he arranged for police to staked out the sty. That’s up to 120 jail if found guilty mister.

Want sauce with that?


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Thank Goodness For The Innocence Project

Innocent I say, innocent!

OK, for the good news…three men who served 30 years for rape and murder in a Mississippi prison have had their convictions quashed after DNA proved they were innocent. Bad news, one of the men died eight years ago in prison. Bobby Dixon, Phillip Bivens and Larry Ruffin (deceased) were sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of Eva Gail Patterson in 1979.This year the Innocence Project filed a petition on behalf of the men to have new DNA tests done and viola, it wasn’t them. The two are now free, but probably really pissed off, men. OK, want to hear the good news/bad news part, DNA matched another man, Andrew Harris, who is serving a life sentence for a 1981 rape in another Mississippi prison.

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