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Yes, About That Complaint You Made

OMG, there's someone at the door!!!!

Sleep with one eye open residents of Andover Estate in London, the Islington council have accidentally given your names and telephone numbers to those drug taking low lifes you’ve had banned from the estate. Whoopsie. About 51 people who complained about their drug taking, loud music and abusive behavior will be getting extra police patrols, thanks to the bungle.Hmm, lets just hope the thugs can’t read!


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Random Gets An Invite

Swedish officials were left red faced when they accidentally invited a random  to a formal government dinner. Margareta Winberg (67), who shares the same name with a former government minister, received the invite in the mail and rocked up on the night. The poor retired occupational therapy assistant got some very blank stares when she rolled up at the door of Sweden’s official government office. But never mind, when the penny dropped they decided to let her stay so she spent the night awkwardly mingling with Swedish ministers.


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Pot Plant Fail

You know what I hate? When you get caught stealing  marijuana and it turns out to be a friggin tomato plant. I really hate that! The dumbass 15 year old, who was seen leaving the scene with the  plant,  later fessed to the cops  he thought it was a “pot” plant.


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Too Good To Be True

OMG, I got in!!!!

Um yeah, about that Vasser College acceptance letter, whoops, sorry, computer error, we bad? About 254 applicants who logged onto to the college’s live admissions web site mistakenly  received an acceptance letter. The college sent apologies with their  denial letters a few hours later.  Talk about messing with the academically challenged.


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Winners and Losers

You know what I hate? When a local Colorado newspaper misprints the winning lottery numbers and you think you have won $4.3 million. I really friggin hate that. Jim and Dorothy Sprague partied like it was 1999 when they saw the results but then they found out the paper made a boo-boo and well it was back to 2011.


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Yeah, About that!

No, everything is cool!

OK, here’s the thing Japanese people freaking over the announcement that 10 million times higher radiation levels were found in water at the Fukushima nuclear plant, it was a mistake. Whoopsie, sorry about that.Tokyo Electric Power said they messed up the readings of iodine and cobalt in the water and are very sorry for the inconvenience and fear it may have caused. So now that is clear, all the Samurai 50 have to do is remove the radioactive water from the four units and find a safe place to store it. Hmm, North Korea?


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God Dammit!

Sheez, those humans!

Sheez, imagine, a Bible with a typo is expected to fetch £20,000! Blimey. The first edition King James version, which is nicknamed the “He Bible”, has a glaring mistake. In the Book of Ruth, “she” is wrongly referred to as “he”! Whoopsie! The 400 year old leather bound Bible is a rarity among Bible collectors and will no doubt make more than the expected  £20,000.

Psst Hmm and what about the other glaring mistakes huh?


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Pregnant Woman Given Abortion Drug By Mistake

OMG, a six week pregnant woman in Colorado waltzed into a pharmacy to pick a prescription for antibiotics and the pharmacist gave her an abortion drug by mistake. Whoopsie daisy. After Mareena Silva took the tablet she began feeling sick so she took a look at the bottle and realized it was prescribed to someone else with a similar name. She had swallowed Methotrexate, a drug used for cancer patients or women who want to terminate early-stage pregnancies. She rang her doc who told her to try and upchuck. She was later rushed to hospital where she was fed charcoal to try an absorb the drug.It is unknown if Ms Silva will lose the baby or whether it will born with deformities. Very sad.

Psst Sheez, lucky for me Friggin Loon isn’t a very common name!


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Honey, Can You Pick Up Your Toys?

Scaring mum is so much easier now!

You know what I hate? When you step on your snowflake’s rubber snake lying in the hallway and the friggin thing bites you. I really friggin hate that. Seems it wasn’t no toy snake after all but a real live one. The Eastern Brown bit Nicole Haynes’ foot before latching onto her ankle. It was only after screaming and swinging her leg around like a wild woman did the reptile retract it’s fangs and subsequently get flung across the lounge room. While recuperating in hospital, volunteers scoured the home looking for the creature. Now why couldn’t Oprah have an Aussie Adventure like that?


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Don’t Try This At Home

OK, here’s the thing Vermont prankster, when punking your friend make sure it really is an air gun and not a friggin rifle. A Vermont man is in deep shit after he decided to wake up his friend by shooting an air gun at him. Only prob was it was actually a loaded rifle. Fail. Now the friend is on manslaughter charges. This will not look good on his resume, I repeat, NOT FRIGGIN GOOD!

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