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If You Are My Son, Who The Hell Did We Bury?

Thought you could hide, huh?

Oo Oh, a mother who identified then buried her son, after his body was found in a nearby town, got the surprise of her life when he was found alive. God knows who is in the grave but it ain’t Jasper Soriano.  Jasper was found by his pissed off wife in another province when rumors circulated that he was still alive. The wife claims she punch and kicked him to make sure he wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Sheez, if he thought that was bad,  wait until he has to go home and face his mother!! Still no word on who they buried!


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Well They Both looked The Same!


You know what I hate, when police mistake you for an intruder and you end up getting stabbed to death. I really friggin hate that. Japanese lawyer Hirotaka Tsuya died after police arrived at his home in Akita just as he was grabbing a weapon from the hands of intruder Katsu Sugawara. As police overpowered the lawyer, Sugawara plunged a knife into Tsuya’s heart. Whoopsie.


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Well It Looked Like Him From The Back!

OK here’s the thing rape victim, please make sure the man you run over is actually the guy who raped you and not some poor innocent dude. Amber Lee is now in jail on charges of murder after she allegedly mowed down and killed Timothy Bualkmann thinking it was the man who had raped her 9 months prior. Wrong!!! Ms Lee said “It’s not fun, it’s not easy. I’m sorry for the man’s family and everything, but what happened was an accident.” Hmm, no, not really!


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What’s Worse Than Being Justin Bieber?

Some poor woman who was minding her own beeswax in a bar in maryland was forced to show her ID after other patrons rang the police thinking it was Justin Bieber underage drinking. Awkward! See, that’s what happens when you dress like a 16 year old boy…. or does Bieber dress like a 27 year old woman? You decide!

Psst Wanna see the Justin Bieber look alike …click here TMZ but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


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Trust In Authority Is Pretty Much Gone

Po La Hay

You know what I hate? When cops burst into the wrong home and beat the shit out of the wrong person who just happens to be a refugee  who was seeking safety in Canada after being forced into a refugee camp by authorities in Myanmar (once Burma). I really hate that. Heavily armed police officers stormed Po La Hay’s home in Hamilton looking for a cocaine dealer. A terrified Mr Hay instantly dropped to the ground when he saw them believing he was being robbed. After stating his name was “Po La” it’s alleged the police officers smashed his face into the floor and began kicking him. Canadian police have accepted full responsibility and admitted they got the address wrong. Little comfort for Mr Hay who is now nursing a broken rib, stitches to his left eye, bruised nose and red marks along his back.

Background – Mr Hay and his family belong to the Karen people which are a persecuted ethnic group of the country formerly known as Burma. During the 1990’s they were rounded up by police and thrown into a refugee camp where his wife later died from malaria. Mr Hay managed to escape with his young son and daughter to Thailand where they were eventually granted refugee status in Canada.


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Boys Will Be Boys

Oh dear, an easy mistake, it could happen to any of us…. Awkward!


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Whose On First?

We bad?

You would think after a $120,000 settlement, the New York Police Department would quit arresting Michael Terry. Michael has the unfortunate problem of sharing the same name with a wanted Pennsylvania man. So far he has been arrested three times. In 2005 he was jailed for 28 days thanks to the friggin mix up, then in 2008 he spent another week in jail and last year he got himself a strip search and another five days in the big house! Despite his legal action they continue to arrest him.  Geez, I wonder what the other Michael Terry friggin did? You would think a simple fingerprint id would do the trick or maybe even a post it note in his file, or oooh, maybe a message and photo on the police computer data base noting the name confusion. Hello, what century are we living in?


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