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roses 2As parents were laying flowers on the grave of their son they got the fright of their life when they heard ‘Hello mum and dad. I’m back.’ coming from behind them. Hmm, seems that wasn’t their son in the grave but a random they had identified as their missing son. Their real son, who had up and left to ‘find himself’ in 2011,  had no clue that his parents thought he was dead. Evidently following the son’s disappearance the police notified them about a body found in a forrest which they mistakenly identified. Police are now reopening files and exhuming the body to find out who is in the grave.


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Hey, Didn’t We Just Bury You?

Sheez, I thought it was her

Sheez, I thought it was her

You know what’s awkward? When you positively identify a body as your missing relative and two days after the funeral the person you thought was dead rocks up. Now officials have to dig up the body and try and work out who it really is. Sheez, lucky they they chose burial.

Psst Those relatives need to go the SpecSavers


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What’s the Odds

As you were

As you were

A man, who had just undergone chemotherapy, walked into a bank wearing a surgical mask and was suddenly surrounded by six police who told him to put his hands above his head.  They thought he was the  “Surgical Mask” bandit who had robbed two banks in the area. Whoopsie daisy. 


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OMG How Embarrassing

Just to rub a little more salt  into Lindsay Lohan’s wounds, New York photographers mistook singer Deborah Harry (aka Blondie) for the plastic surgery loving mean girl. Lohan, who was still licking her SNL wounds in a Manhattan Hotel, would’ve been horrified to learn that Blondie was being mobbed on the streets below by fans and paparazzi thinking the 66 year old was her.

Check out the photograph, can you tell the difference? Is it Lindsay or Blondie?


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That’s How The Cookie Crumbles

Oh come on people, leave poor old 80 year old Gene Edward Chambers alone. Sure, he attacked the neighbors door with a garden hoe, but he thought they had stolen his Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookies for goodness sakes. Hello, no one should be able to get away with that! Anywho, Mr Chambers was pretty sure the neighbors had snuck into his home in the middle of the night and nicked some of his boxes so he decided to teach them a lesson. When police arrived they had a look around Mr Chambers apartment and found 5 boxes of biscuits with a Walmart receipt confirming his purchase of 5 NOT 7 boxes of Little Debbies like he had thought. Awkward. Now he has a Criminal mischief charge and the neighbors have no door.


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