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What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate!

Whoopsie, I meant friggin gang colors people, gangs! Manny Kusturiss, the owner of the Inn Lounge in Florida, was getting so pissed with bikers making trouble in his bar he hung a sign in the window saying “Stop, Absolutely No Color’s”. Hmm, now the blacks hate him too! Epic fail fool!


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My Mom’s The Bomb!

Miscommunicaton leads to bomb scareBrunswick police evacuated Martin’s Point medical center and surrounding buildings after a woman rang 911 to report a bomb scare. The receptionist who took the call said someone had rung and said “There’s a bomb nearby.” The building was immediately evacuated, bomb detecting dogs were promptly called in and police went off to track down the caller. Hmm, seems the bomb threat was made by a little girl who dialed the wrong number. She had asked the receptionist “Is my mom nearby?”.


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