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Just When Mitt Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

I thought he lost!!!!

Could it get any worse for Romney? Yes it can. Seems Mitt had a new website ready to roll for when he won the election. It was basically blah, blah, blahing about getting people back to work and inviting everyone to his “inauguration”. Obviously no one told his advisers he had lost because the site went live the day after Obama was announced the  winner. Sheez, more awkward than a binder full of women huh?


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Wall Street vs Sesame Street

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November 7, 2012 · 11:59 pm

Hey Mitt, How Do You Spell America?

OMG, Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s new iphone app, “I’m with Mitt” has an awkward mistake, one of the screen savers says this …

Might want to use spell check next time. Oh and it will be a few days for Apple to approve the new version. What a silly Mitt wit!!!


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