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Breaking Bad

If only they used their powers for good. A couple in the US turned the kitchen window of their mobile home into a drive-thru window for drugs. Genius. They even had an open/closed sign for convenience. They figured a drive-thru wouldn’t draw as much attention as foot traffic. Unfortunately, their idea came to a grinding halt after police started investigating numerous overdoses in the area. Seems the drugs were allegedly laced with fentanyl. Doh!

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Worst Father EVER

Father steals his kids Christmas presentsA man has been arrested after he broke into his ex’s mobile home and stole electronics, jewelry and his kid’s  Christmas presents. Seems he was determined because he crawled under the home and dug a hole through the floor. Merry friggin Christmas. His ex spied  him running from her home with the sack of goodies and rang the cops.


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A Mobile Home


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A Lesson To Be Learned

Man, it was like totally heavy!

Oh for goodness sakes Andrew Garcia, don’t you know lighting a bong after you have cleaned it with alcohol usually leads to a kaboom or at the very least your mobile home burning down. Garcia had just cleaned his marijuana smoking tool when he decided to light it. The next thing he knew his curtains were ablaze . Unlucky for him an off duty police officer spotted him driving away from the burning mess.

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