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What The Hell Is This?

dumbassSeems muggers are getting rather fussy in the Big Apple. After two armed men robbed a guy in Central Park, taking his a cellphone, a briefcase and a wallet, they paused a second before handing back his phone. Evidently, the outdated 2010 LG Quantum wasn’t good enough for them. Needless to say the victim used his crappy Quantum to ring the police.


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Heads Will Roll

Let this be a warning to you all, never, ever check photos on a mobile phone you found, especially if it belongs to an embalmer at a mortuary. Two young kids found the phone in a ditch and later when their daddy checked the sim card on his computer they discovered a photo of a smiling man holding up the decapitated head of a train victim. And cue nightmares!

Psst There is now a police investigation.

Want sauce with that?


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Another Reason To Fear Flying

Don't tell the friggin terrorists!

OK, no need to panic people but leaving your cell phone on during a flight can bring down the plane. Electronic interference people, electronic interference. Experts are using the 2003 Christchurch plane crash as one example of  where “the pilot’s own mobile phone may have caused erroneous indications” resulting in the plane flying into the ground short of the runway. In another incident a hand held GPS device was blamed for messing up a Boeing 737’s navigation equipment after take-off. The problem resolved itself when the passenger was asked to turn the friggin thing off!


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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ok loons, check out this film clip and see what you think. A man in Ireland believes he has spotted a time traveler in a piece of old footage from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus. The clip seems to show a woman talking on a cellphone as she walks along the street. The footage in question appears in the extras menu of the DVD which shows real people attending the Hollywood premier. Hmm, if it’s really a time traveler I can pretty much guarantee she ain’t using an iPhone4 (doesn’t even work in the friggin present).


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You’re Just A Piece of Meat

The last thing you expect when you go to the movies is to have a friggin meat thermometer stabbed in your neck. Best way to avoid this is don’t ask a female to turn her cell phone off,especially if she is with two black males in an orange jersey and a black hoodie. The unfortunate man was attacked by the woman’s boyfriend after he asked her to stop talking on the phone and turn it off while the damn movie was showing. That obviously didn’t go down very well, considering he is still recovering in hospital. The two suspects and the woman fled the scene and have yet to be caught.

Psst Who brings a frigggin meat thermometer to the movies?


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