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Too Racist To Have Molested That Kid

Teachers says she's too racist to molest a black childWhat’s worse than being accused of being a first grade child molester? Telling police you’re innocent because you would never molest a black kid. Out of the frying pan … The school teacher, who is accused of touching a girl’s ‘private parts’  , told police she couldn’t have fondled the student because she’s a racist and doesn’t like touching black children. Dear lord.


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I Do

Don’t you just love complicated family dynamics. Take for instance Barbara Lynn Whitehead and Don Edward Smock Jr who snuck off for a secret wedding to avoid all the embarrassment of him being charged with sexually abusing Ms Whitehead’s 7 year old daughter ( 2 hours prior). Of course the daughter attended the happy occasion. Ooh and did I mention the happy family then took off to Portland for a weekend long honeymoon before Smock took off like a jack rabbit.You don’t want to know what Smock’s been charged with (hmm, yes you do…45 child sex related ones) but you will be pleased to know he was arrested this week!


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