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Wicked Waste Of Money Award

How's that clipart working for ya?

And this weeks wicked waste of money story goes to the British Ministry of Defence who spent £10billion on 14 refueling planes for their RAF jets only to discover they don’t friggin work. The refueling planes’ pipes leak when they try to refuel their jets in mid air. Well, that’s a health and safety nightmare right there. Want to hear the real bitch? The planes work just dandy when refueling the American fighter jets.

Want sauce with that?


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Destination North Korea

OMG loons, guess what? North Korea is now accepting tourists. OK, there is a catch….no photos, no cellphones, no talking to locals, no wandering down the streets and, god forbid, never ever send an email. Hmm, but other than that, you are free to stroll around your hotel room and watch government run propaganda on the telly. Seems with all these nasty sanctions put in place by the UN and US are taking a toll on Kim Jong Il’s wallet. He needs the tourist bucks to keep up the lifestyle he is accustom to. A small area near the east coast that North Korea stole from South Korea, after a tourist was shot in 2008, will be the testing ground for the first load of tourists. Currently North Korea only wants Chinese tourists, which is understandable. If they step out of line and get thrown in jail the UN and the US won’t give a shit. Always thinking!!!!

The Loon is packed and ready to rip!!!


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Thought Of The Day

While we are all worried about the world financial crisis shouldn’t we be more focused and scared about who the hell has all the world’s friggin money? All that money does is circulate, so someone definitely has it !!!!



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Say Can You Hear

Hey, did anyone go to the Super Bowl and see those 4 Navy F-18’s do a flyby? Hmm, no? Oh yeah, that was because the retractable roof was closed. Ingenious way to waste spend $450,000 of taxpayers money don’t ya think? Well here’s hoping that  the 1,250 fans who didn’t get seats because the fire marshal declared a section of the arena unsafe got to see the special treat?


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It’s Party Time

A big shout out to Alabama for spending some of BP’s “sorry we *ucked* up” money on a Motley Crew concert. Way to go!


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Didn’t Have Any Pockets Then?

Nicholas Ryan Harris was using his butt as a wallet according to Florida police. Following his arrest for drug possession a mandatory strip search revealed he had $45 up his anus. It fell out during the search! Pity the fool who gets one of those bills when it recirculates!


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I Love My Job

I wonder if they were No1s?

Next time you put money near your mouth just remember this story. A St Louis DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal man discovered $58 in a pile of dog poop. Ewh, Steve Wilson noticed the bills protruding from the shit whilst scooping, so he pulled them out, sanitized them, whacked them in a plastic zip lock and returned it to the customer. I bet they were thrilled!  Despite the money being torn a little, the notes  can be returned to the bank and replaced. I bet they’ll be thrilled.


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More Than A Can Of Whipass!

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Oh for goodness sakes, a man in Tampa, Florida has been arrested after he tried to set his father on fire with a “makeshift” blowtorch! Yes, the 52 year old man doused his dear old papa (77) with gasoline, grabbed a can of bug spray and then took aim using his lighter to ignite the fumes as he sprayed. Fortunately he missed his target. I am guessing the argument over money seems petty in comparison now!

Psst Bye, bye inheritance!


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Putpocketing Initiative

Lady, I am putting money into your purse for goodness sakes!

Lady, I am putting money into your purse for goodness sakes!

Well I’ll be! A former pickpocket is heading the new TalkTalk’s putpocketing initiative funded by a broadband provider in London. Oh and it’s nothing like you’d think. The putpocket is the reverse of that annoying activity (by some) of pickpocketing. So instead of stealing wallets from unsuspecting tourists, this group are actually putting money back into the pockets of unsuspecting people. The team are made up of 20 former pickpockets and they are lurking around popular London tourist locations slipping £5 to £20 notes into unguarded pockets and handbags.Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Chris Fitch, who heads the initiative said “Every time I put money back in someone’s pocket, I feel less guilty about the fact I spent many years taking it out.” Oh and don’t worry, London police have been informed about the putpockets. The group will be putting over £100,000 into  pockets in the following months.

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