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Primal Fear


My Bad?


OMG, a four day old baby from Malaysia was snatched from a living room, bitten and then thrown from the roof by a macaque monkey. The body of the newborn was later found by a horrified mother. Bad, bad monkey.

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They Smell Fear

No honey, sweetie, darl, when you have a fear of monkeys just let it go. Dee Darwell,  who had a lifetime phobia about monkeys,  wanted to face her fears by visiting Monkey Island in Thailand. Unfortunately it ended in disaster when she was viciously attacked by a gang of Macaques. The attack happened after Ms Darwell sat down on a towel in the shade to get out of the heat. As soon as a nasty little primate spotted her, he grabbed her arm and sunk his teeth in and wouldn’t let go. With blood squirting from the wound it wasn’t long before more monkeys joined in the assault. A Thai boatman, who saw Darwell collapse, ran to her rescue and pried the primates off her body. Sheez, I am guessing she still has a phobia!


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