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So Who’s Up For A Game of Fascist Monopoly?

Is nothing sacred? Three German men from a right wing extremist group created a neo-Nazi version of Monopoly and then sold them to fund their activities. Called Pogromly, the game starts on a giant swastika, with the utilities being replaced with gasworks and train stations with concentration camps. Right in the middle of the board, instead of Free Parking there is a skeleton dressed in a Nazi uniform.  The board games have been confiscated since 1998 after police discovered them when they uncovered a bomb making operation. The guys then had to resort to armed robberies to continue their funding raising endeavors.

Want sauce with that?


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Go To Jail

Only if you ask nicely!

Only if you ask nicely!

Oh for goodness sakes. A 54 year old man Michigan man was so pissed that his friend wouldn’t sell him Park Place and Boardwalk during a game of monopoly, he hit her in the face and smashed her glasses.That is definitely a go directly to jail card right there!

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