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Well Isn’t It Ironic

A man who attended the Missouri Monopoly tournament was sent directly to jail following a fight. Anyone got dice to bail him out?

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Monopoly Just Got A Lot More Popular

Monopoly piece to be voted offSomewhere in France there is a Monopoly board game for sale containing $23,268 worth of Euro notes. Yep, to celebrate he 80th anniversary of the game, the company has , in ONLY one of the 30,000 Monopoly boxes, replaced all the fake money with real money . Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?



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This Is What Happens When You Add A Cat To Monopoly

This is Claudius and Maximus’s favorite commercial of all time …


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The Iron Has Been Booted Off Monopoly

Monopoly iron token replaced with  cat

Well, hello….

See ya iron and hello kitty. The Monopoly gods have spoken and after nearly 85 years it is bye-bye iron token. Monopoly fans were invited to participated in the “Save Your Token Campaign” via Facebook which saw a frenzy of people trying desperately to save the wheelbarrow and shoe from game token oblivion . The iron will now be replaced with a cat token. Sorry robot. Did you know the tokens were the brainchild of the creator’s neice who suggested using charms from her charm bracelet as tokens. What dumbass has an iron as a charm?


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Be Gone Thimble

Monopoly piece to be voted offWTF? One of the Monopoly pieces is going to be voted off the board. Yep, you heard me. The toymaker Hasbro is holding a Facebook “save your token ” campaign. The least popular is going to get the flick permanently because there is a pushy friggin cat, guitar, toy robot, helicopter and diamond ring all wanting a go. So who will  be gone forever … the Scottie dog, top hat, race car, battleship, wheelbarrow, shoe, thimble or iron?


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So Who’s Up For A Game of Fascist Monopoly?

Is nothing sacred? Three German men from a right wing extremist group created a neo-Nazi version of Monopoly and then sold them to fund their activities. Called Pogromly, the game starts on a giant swastika, with the utilities being replaced with gasworks and train stations with concentration camps. Right in the middle of the board, instead of Free Parking there is a skeleton dressed in a Nazi uniform.  The board games have been confiscated since 1998 after police discovered them when they uncovered a bomb making operation. The guys then had to resort to armed robberies to continue their funding raising endeavors.

Want sauce with that?


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Monopoly Rage Can Be Deadly

Go directly to jail

The one board game I really, really, really hate is Monopoly, so when I heard that a woman had allegedly stabbed her boyfriend because she caught him cheating I had a little empathy for her. OK, not because she went friggin all stabby but because I understand the rage that comes with landing on friggin Mayfair (or in the American version, Boardwalk) and discovering it has 2 friggin hotels on it that aren’t yours. Anywho, I digress, Laura Chavez was arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.


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The Dangers Of Monopoly


You know what I  hate? When you are playing monopoly with a female friend late at night and you get shot in the groin. I really friggin hate that.Apparently the two were messing with a loaded handgun when kaboom, bullet to the upper left thigh, narrowly missing an artery. Go directly to jail hospital.

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Go To Jail

Only if you ask nicely!

Only if you ask nicely!

Oh for goodness sakes. A 54 year old man Michigan man was so pissed that his friend wouldn’t sell him Park Place and Boardwalk during a game of monopoly, he hit her in the face and smashed her glasses.That is definitely a go directly to jail card right there!

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