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Monster In The Lake

Good work Nessie

Feet up Siberian loons, there is a monster lurking in your lake and it likes lifting boats out of the water and wailing as it attacks. Good luck with that. Known by locals as “The Devil” it has been terrorizing  fishermen for years. The mystery has deepened this week with experts picking up a large object on their echo sounding device. Lake Labynkyr is located about 60km from the “coldest place on earth” yet despite all the other lakes in the area freezing over in winter, this lake never, ever freezes AND has no plant life!!!


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East River Monster Alert

OK, I don’t want to alarm you loons, but look what just washed up from the East River in New York!!!! It looks awfully like Satan’s handiwork, despite the New York City Parks department claiming it to be a pig. Last time I looked pigs had trotters not friggin Freddy Krueger claws. The Gawker are proclaiming it to be a subway rat but I suspect something more sinister!!!!


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Shape Changing Monster Alert

What the?

Holy shape changing monster Batman. A small town in South Africa believes they have a friggin monster living amongst them that changes into different shapes when you stare at it. One man said the creature turned from a man into a pig and then into a bat.So far it hasn’t hurt anyone, just scared the shit out of them.

Psst I lost count of how many men I’ve seen turn into pigs!


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Hell Yeah, Monsters Are Real!

I knew it, I knew it, I friggin knew it!!!


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I Think It’s A Croc

Cue eyebrow raise. This photo of a Northern Territory  monster croc, believed to have been caught in the 1990’s , has been scaring the shit out of people on the net. Now, locals near Manangoora claim there is another friggin one,  just  like it, stealing their cattle. Hmm, I don’t loons, looks fake to me…or is that just wishful thinking?


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Cleveland Has a Bigfoot

OK Cleveland, no need to panic but you may have your very own version of Bigfoot on your hands, that or Hulk Hogan has been sighted! Tim Peeler swears he had a close encounter with a 10ft tall creature with a long beard, yellowish blond hair and six fingers on each hand roaming on his property. Peeler was minding his own bees wax when he began hearing strange screeching and grunting sounds outside his cabin and went to investigate. He told police the creature may have been menacing his dogs so he told the beast ‘You get away from here,’ and when he came back a second time he said “Get! Get!. And he went back down the path again,” Obediently little bugger! Anywho Cleveland, you might want to sleep with one eye open for awhile!!!!

Psst Rumors about the creature, known as the Ohio Grassman, have circulated for years.

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Cerro Azul Monster

Cancel any trips you are planning to Cerro Azul, Panama, pronto people. Well at least until they find out what the hell came out of a cave behind a waterfall. Evidently (grain of salt) four teens saw this creature come out from behind a waterfall and were so petrified they beat the friggin thing to death with sticks. Now the sad looking soul has become the latest “WTF is that thing” on the net.

Psst Thanks to the investigative genius and party poopers at the Daily Huff, odds are the creature is just a hairless sloth.

2nd Psst If you want to see all the pics of the monster check out Telemetro.

Could the Cerro Azul Creature be a sloth?

Think hairless!

Weird creepy thing

Weird creepy thing


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