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Hello, Is That 911?

Montana police rushed to a family house after neighbours reported hearing loud shouting, screams and gunshots . Police set up a perimeter around the house and drew their weapons before approaching. What they found was truly disturbing…. a family sitting around their TV watching the mid-season premier of Walking Dead.



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Roadkill Stew

It is now legal in Montana to eat roadkill Woohoo Montana, congrats , you can now take roadkill home to cook. Yep, the law has finally been passed so you can now carry a scraper, shovel, whatever in your car to pick up any squashed critter. Despite the passing of the law hunters say they won’t deliberately target animals to run over.


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Facebook Tourism Fail

Whoopsie. Montana’s tourism promoter accidentally posted “fuck this job” on the official Montana Tourism Facebook page. Like.


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Bad Hair Bandit Strikes Again

Oh for crying out loud haven’t they caught her yet? Sheez , the woman they call the “Bad Hair” bandit because of her nasty looking wigs has struck again, this time in Butte (blahahah, seriously?)  Montana.  The FBI believe the wigged woman is responsible for 18  bank hold-ups  in Oregon, Washington and now they think she’s robbed the Bank of Butte .

Psst Looks like Roseanne Barr!




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Oh Deer

Look, up in the sky . It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No it’s a friggin deer and it’s …oooh yuck! Residents in Montana were stunned to discover the cause of their power outage. Seems a deer managed to fall from a great height onto power lines. Don’t worry little snowflakes, it doesn’t appear to be Rudolph. The fawn is thought to have been dropped by an eagle who probably had its great plans for dinner ruined.


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Want to buy nice secluded 1.4 acre property in Montana steeped in history? Well have I got a bargain for you. For $70,000 you could be the proud owner of the Unabomber’s old stomping ground. Trust me it’s very secluded. Hmm, but if you are hoping to turn  Ted Kaczynski’s little shack into a playroom, don’t bother evidently it got carted off to a Washington museum ages ago.


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