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What The Hell Is That?

Could it be the Montauk Monster?

Stephen King rang and he wants his pet back! What the hell is that? A small Canadian town is sleeping with one eye open after a dog dragged a scary critter from their lake. The creature was found when two women were walking their dog in a town called…wait for it….Kitchenuhmaykoosib, in Ontario. The dog, in his infinite wisdom, decided to show his owner what he’d discovered and the pulled the creature to shore. After they took photos of the thing, they got the hell out of there. However, when locals went back to retreive the creature it was gone, gone I tell ya! Everybody panic!!!!


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Friggin Bigfoot Now !

First there was the Montauk Monster rocking up on the shores of New York’s Long Island uninvited, looking all weird , like some bloated dead dog with a beak. It instantly had the animal community and the world in a tizz. Now it seems they have a friggin Bigfoot in a box. When will it stop? Yep, a dead Bigfoot is said to be on ice after Bigfoot hunters discovered it, in all places, Georgia. I am certainly hoping they didn’t shoot the creature, because PETA will be none too happy. The big, red headed, beast will be DNA tested and a press conference is planned for the 15th August. Damn that is tomorrow. Certainly hope it is hoax because I don’t want these friggin creatures rocking up at my window at night!

UPDATE : As suspected Bigfoot is a hoax or the US government want us to believe it is. Last I heard Bigfoot (and the freezer) were being placed in storage next to little green alien in Area 51 !

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