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We Are Not Alone

Worst fear realised ….. aliens have even worst taste in music than Earthlings. Astronauts on the Apollo 10 mission reported hearing weird music while orbiting the dark side of the moon in 1969.  Thanks to the lifting of classified NASA files in 2008 and a TV doco NASA’s Unexplained Files, we can collectively go WTF!!!! The recordings were made and transcribed during the time Apollo 10 was temporarily cut off with earth during an orbit of the dark side, the astronauts can be heard saying “You hear that? That whistling sound?” “That sure is weird music,”.


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NASA Claim Parts Of The Moon

You can't land that thing here, it' a no fly zone!!!

Oh for crying out loud, now NASA think they own the moon. Seems they want a “no fly” zone around the “historical sites” and “artefacts” left by Apollo 11 etc. Which, by the way, includes discarded food and abandoned astronaut faeces. Anyone who happens to land on the moon (insert snicker here) will not be allowed to go between 75-225 meters (250-750ft)  of each site. Hmm, is that a poor attempt to cover up the fact no one actually landed there or are they scared someone will nick the flag? Anywho, the reason for NASA becoming so precious is because of their concerns over the Google Lunar X prize. Google are offering a bucket load of money to whoever can land a robot on the moon, get it to move over 500meters and send back photos (a bit like Google streetscape only even more boring). NASA don’t want these robots messing with their mess.

Want sauce with that?


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Cow “Down Under”

This is Cow “Down Under”, number 9 in the Margaret River Cowparade collection. Originally I thought it was an embarrassing attempt by an unfit cow to jump over the moon but alas I was wrong it just came from a land down under “Where beer does flow and men chunder”. This down under cow was the brainchild of artist Jacoba Hohnen and is located in a new housing estate, Rapids Landing, just outside Margaret River’s main drag (street to all you Americans!).

Jacoba Hohnen – “Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon.” However , in the land of “down under” everything is a little topsy turvy.

Cow Down Under

Not quite over the mooooon

Seriously unflattering angle!


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NASA Official Confirms It’s Not Made of Cheese

Water only ever brought us pain!

Water only ever brought us pain!

Hey NASA dudes, when you got a little bit of spare time, you wouldn’t mind shooting a few of those rockets into Australia and Africa to see if they have water too, thanks. NASA just spent $79 million bucks to shoot a rocket into a crater on the moon to see if there is any evidence of water. Like, didn’t India just tell them that there was water under them there moon rocks! And besides wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to just ask one of those aliens they have holed up in Area 51? Anywho, it seems some of us weren’t very happy about NASA shooting a 2.2 tonne rocket into Cabeus, which is was one of the moon’s craters. After a flood of complaints from furious and worried public to NASA here is what topped the concerns ….it would disrupt tidal movements, mess with women’s menstrual cycles and leave a pig sty worth of space junk for someone else to clean up.

Psst Geez, now if Kim Jong Il bombed the moon he’d have hell to pay! Lucky he is only planning to bring it to North Korea.

2nd Psst If they do find evidence of water does this mean we could possibly go fishing up there?


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Water On The Moon, Who Friggin Knew!

Guantanamo Bay is moving!

Guantanamo Bay is moving!

OK, call me cynical (or a Friggin Loon) but you gotta kinda question the whole moon landing thingy when India finds evidence of large quantities of water on the moon (hmm, there goes the cheese theory!). What the hell were you Apollo boys doing up there? Geez, India finds water on their first friggin lunar mission. No wonder Obama isn’t giving you another friggin cent! Lazy assed astronauts!

So anywho what does this all mean? Well, apart from no more urine drinking, it opens the floodgates for the race to colonize the moon (just as soon as they learn how to land on it!). Personally I think, do away the death sentence, send every friggin perp up there and turn it into a global prison. Sort of like Guantanamo Bay with orange spacesuits. Hey, it isn’t like you have to build anything, let them have the lot. Think of it as just like a new Australia!

Psst You mark my words, if the water is drinkable they will be selling bottled Lunar Liquid Water at $456,000 a pop!

Psst Hey by the way, while you are up there, can you look for the friggin waving flag! Odds are you wont find it !


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