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Moosed Again

Hunter misses moose but hits man on toiletSteady, aim, fir….. oh crap. A hunter in Norway is in big doodah after he shot at a moose and missed, instead hitting an elderly guy sitting on the toilet in his bathroom. The rifle was fired just 100 yards from the man’s cottage.


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This Is Moose To Ground Control

What could be more embarrassing for a moose than getting stuck in a tree?  Probably nothing! The poor thing was just minding its own beewax, getting drunk on fermented apples, when suddenly she found herself good and wedged in the fork of the tree. Bummer! Enter a Swedish rescue crane , which managed to winch her to solid ground. Hmm, that will be one mighty hangover she’ll be nursing.



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They Call Him Moose!

You grab his legs and I'll grabs his arms!

Oh dear god, a woman in Texas gave birth to a 16lb boy. Sheez that’s like 7.2kg, no wonder they call him Moose! Imagine that coming through the va…ah never mind it was a Cesarian (praise the lord!). When born the kid stood 2ft tall and had a whopping 17inch chest.

FYI A baby moose weighs about 33lb (15kg) when born. Just in case you were wondering.


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