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Assassination Attempt?

When Putin’s presidential BMW gets taken out by a wayward Merc you would have to be suspicious right? The Russian president’s favourite official driver was killed instantly when the Putin-less car was hit head on for no apparent reason. Fortunately or unfortunately the driver of the Merc survived and is currently in hospital.


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OK, just stop it. Introducing the Crazy Toilet Cafe in Moscow. Don’t ask me Loons, the thought of eating a burger off a bedpan or sipping a drink from a urinal is not at all appealing. The owner is none other than the man who gave the world the first G-spot sex museum. What have we learnt from this loons? Hmm, that leap from communism to capitalism is thwart with danger and crap.


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Psychics Didn’t See This Coming

Fake psychic ring busted in Moscow Dodgy phone psychic have been busted in Moscow. Seem the ring of so called psychics had been telling people they were cursed before charging them a whopping fee to remove it over the phone. The service was advertised on a popular cable network . Dumbasses. Sheez, if they were real psychics they would have seen the 10 years in jail coming.


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Russian Plane Crash Debris Hits Cars

You are driving along minding your own business when KABOOM, you are showered with Russian plane debris. I hate that. Lucky you caught it all on tape because you know how damn cynical insurance companies are these days.


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Miss Moscow Airport Suicide Bomber

Word on the street is the Moscow suicide bomber was in fact a female. It is also being reported she shouted “I will kill you all” before exploding a bomb which had the power of 5kg of TNT in the baggage collection area of the airport . Determined bitch!


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Terror Alert As Bomb Goes Off In Moscow Airport

Breaking News – Seems a suicide bomber had kaboomed himself  at Moscow’s main international airport killing at least 31 people and injuring over 130. The Moscow police are treating the incident as a terrorist attack and are now on a full terror alert. The explosion at the Domodedovo Airport is believed to have happened in the arrivals hall at around 4.32pm as travelers were collecting their luggage. There are concerns for British Airlines passengers who arrived just before the explosion. Ball-bearings and screws have been found at the scene suggesting it was definitely a terrorist attack.


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I thought she loved me!!!!

The world of espionage is alive and kicking, if the 19 year old relatively unknown Russian model, Ekaterina “Katya” Gerasimova, is to believed. Seems she’s a secret agent for the Kremlin (aka Mr Putin) with the sole aim of luring government critics into embarrassing sex traps. Hmm, seems to be working. Six suckers have already seen the inside of her Moscow flat and bed ( paid for by the secret service). Too bad it’s rigged with sophisticated recording devices. Isn’t that right Mikhail Fishman (editor of Russian Newsweek), who was taped snorting cocaine as Katya walked around naked.

Psst So I am guessing all the gay critics are safe?


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Top Russian Judge Murdered

When you’re a high profile judge from Moscow presiding over racist motivated murders you should be watching your back. Judge Eduard Chuvashov was shot and killed, in what is believed to be a contract hit, as he left his apartment. Despite receiving numerous death threats and his photograph appearing on several radical websites, the judge took no action to protect himself. Last week Mr Chuvashov jailed three ultra-nationalists for murder and in February he sentenced a group of skinheads to 23 years in jail for murder, all were race motivated. Last year he also presided over the trial of Alexander Bulbov, an agent of the federal drug control service who was accused of embezzling $3.2 million. Hmm, who was behind the hit? Take your pick.


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Terrorist Attack On Moscow Metro

Terror for Russian commuters as at least 40 people have been killed in what is believed to be a terrorist attack on Moscow metro. The first explosion hit Lubyanka Metro and the second at Park Kultury station during peak hour today. Despite reports being sketchy it is believed suicide bombers were behind the attack. No word yet on who is responsible but most fingers are being pointed at Chechnya militants.

UPDATE Russian authorities believe the two suicide bombers were women and suspect they come from North Caucasus ( a largely Muslim area of Russia).


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Multi Tasking Sumo

If you really suck at being a Sumo you could always use your skills for evil. I will ignore the obvious question of WTF was a sumo doing in Moscow, but evidently the big guy ripped a cash machine out of a store and walked off with it on his shoulders. The 90kg cash machine contained 25,000 roubles which is about 12 cents….kidding $926. Being big and fat has it’s disadvantages, like being friggin slow …  the Sumo and his mate got caught trying to get their fat asses into the BMW getaway car.


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