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Who’s killing the great nuclear scientists of Iran?

Come out, come out, where ever you are. Seems over the last few years Iran’s top scientists have systematically been  bumped off and fingers are being pointing directly at US (CIA), UK (MI6) and Israel (Mossad).The latest victim was Ahmadi Roshan, a deputy director of Iran’s main uranium enrichment plant, who was going on his merry way when assassins on motorbikes rode up along side his car and placed a magnetic bomb  ….. kaboom. Now Imadinnerjacket and the Ayatollah are peeved. Oh boy, the UN, shall be expecting some strongly worded letters, no doubt!


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I Got A Bone To Pick With You!

Do I look like a friggin spy?

A sorry assed vulture has got himself arrested in Saudi Arabia on suspicion of being a  Mossad spy. Oh boy, the bird unfortunately was wearing a transmitter and had a leg tag with the words “Tel Aviv University” clearly marked on it. Awkward. Hmm, this latest bungle comes hot on the heels of Egypt suggesting Israel’s foreign intelligence agency was behind a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea. Yep, some conspiracy theorists believe the Mossad threw deadly sharks into the sea to scare off tourists last month.


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How Many Assassins Does It Take To Kill a Hamas Leader?

Geez, in my day it only took one assassin to bump off someone not friggin 11. Authorities in Dubai believe Hamas leader Mahmud al-Mabhuh (Mahmoud al Mabhouh) was murdered by a hit squad made up of British, Irish , German and French passport holders. They are also pointing fingers and raising eyebrows at Mossad (Israel’s spy agency) who they believe organized the hit. The Hamas leader was killed in his hotel room last month while on a trip, allegedly to Iran, to buy weapons. The hit squad 11, who had prior knowledge of al Mabhouh’s movements, booked into a room down the hall from the target and either strangled Al-Mubhuh or injected him with a heart attack inducing drug before putting a “do not disturb” sign on the door and exiting stage left. The group used “touristy” disguises such as tennis outfits, wigs and hats to look inconspicuous during their brief stay at the 5 star hotel.

UPDATE : 6 of the Britons named in the plot (of which 3 live in Israel) are furious their identities were stolen and their names link to the assassination. Britain, Ireland and German authorities are claiming the passports are fraudulent.


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