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That’s Gotta Hurt

Ewh, ouch. A middle aged woman fell out of a motor home while it was scooting down the Interstate. Sharon Glover went to the rear of the vehicle to use the toilet when she either a) opened the wrong door  and stepped into oblivion or b) leaned too hard on the door. Whatever the case, she fell out, skidding 100ft on the paved emergency lane before hitting the grass shoulder.Yes, she had been drinking.


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You Dirty Rat

It was self defense I tell ya!

It was self defense I tell ya!

What’s up with the friggin wildlife today? Geez! The latest animal saga comes curtesy of a friggin water rat who attacked a woman while she lay in bed in her motor home in New Zealand. So much for her hubby, the dog and her three legged cat! Lynne Henderson was in bed with husband Neil, when she remembers reaching out to pat her pussy which had just jumped up for a cuddle. Hmm the  only thing was, it wasn’t her cat. As she went to stroke the startled rodent it latched onto her upper lip.If it wasn’t for her screaming and her hubby’s fast thinking (he turned on the light) the big friggin water rat could still be on her face. Neil said “It was about nine inches long, very round and cuddly … well, violent, actually,”.(Geez, I hope he is referring to the rat!!!).

OK and the drama didn’t just stop there, hell no. After the rat had the living bejeezus scared out of him, he fled to the bathroom while Neil scurried off to borrow an air rifle. When he return the rodent was “bouncing off the walls and ripped the toilet holder clean off”. Eventually Neil built up enough courage to open the bathroom door and confront the pissed off rat. After giving him a nudge from behind the loo the rodent copped a shot to the tummy before fleeing out the door and up a tree. The Hendersons 1, big huge water rat 0.

Psst The dog and the three legged cat did nothing!


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Motorcycle vs Motor Home

But way worse...

But way worse...

OK, here’s the thing, if you are really pissed off  being stuck behind a slow moving recreational vehicle, just count to ten and think good thoughts! Oh dear, a motorcyclist has been impaled on a motor home after a road rage incident. Yes, I said impaled. Seems from eyewitness accounts the motor home driver was travelling around 55mph along the California highway when the biker became annoyed and made a few  obscene hand gestures before passing the vehicle and  slamming on the brakes in front of it. OK, not the smartest option! Unfortunately the motor home driver, Michael Antoine, had no time to stop and plowed straight  through him. Needless to say the biker died at the scene. Let this be a lesson people!


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