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Wheelchair Bound Robber Gets Bogged

OK, here’s the thing wheelchair bound man attempting to rob a convenience store, whatever you do, don’t make your escape route over soft sand or you will get bogged. John Christopher Champion (22), who had made off with a 12-pack of beer and a roll of electrical tape after having been stabbed three times in the leg by a conscientious female clerk, didn’t make it very far in his motorized wheelchair. Sand can be such a bitch!


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Mosh Pit To Hell

OMG, a quadriplegic man has been impaled after his electric wheelchair was catapulted into a mosh pit at a ACDC concert in Queensland.Witnesses say one of his friends accidentally knocked the joystick of his motorized wheelchair sending him crashing more than a metre down into the pit. As he crash landed a metal stick he used to pick up things embedded in his eye. No, there was no front barrier between the wheelchair podium and the mosh pit.


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