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Tinkling The Ivory

I don’t know loons, it seems to be a week for famous piano discoveries. In Massachusetts a psychic has lead diver’s to Babe Ruth’s piano (or what’s left of it) at the bottom of Willis Pond where it was rumored  he had tossed it during one of his infamous parties.Meanwhile the world is abuzz with what could be the discovery of a  piano played by  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Germany. When the 1775  fortepiano built by Christian Baumann came up for auction, a music historian had a sneaky suspicion it was the long lost piano Mozart played during his stays in Strasbourg. If the piano can be  matched to an historical oil painting, well then, hello millions!

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Mozart Stimulates Sewer Microbes

Oh for the love of god and all things bright and beautiful, bosses at a German sewage plant are playing Mozart to the tiny microbes that break down all the crap in their sewer. Seems the great composer’s music stimulates activity among the organisms and that means more efficient shit kickers. They expect the company will save at least $1200 per month thanks to The Magic Flute and Marriage of Figaro being piped across the sewage. Hmm, so they really must know their shit!


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