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Climb Every Mountain

You know, there are some things you can fake and there are some things you just step away from. Obviously the Indian couple who claimed they climbed Mt Everest didn’t get the memo. After proudly proclaiming they were the first Indian couple to ever complete the feat of reaching the summit, cracks and crevices began appearing in their fairytale. Then the avalanche of social media sleuths began untangling their deception. A summit photo they used was nicked from another climber who was damn sure the couple weren’t in his group. During the climb they appear in different boots and jackets which another climber said ‘You’re too knackered, it’s too windy and it’s too cold. I’ve been up six times and it’s inconceivable that you’d take a second pair of summit boots and a second down jacket.’ All and all its an awks mess.

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82 Year Old Dies At Everest

Hmm, didn't have a pic of Mt Everest!

Nepalese foreign minister, Shailendra Kumar Upadhyaya (82), wanted to be the oldest person to climb Mt Everest, to raise awareness about the capabilities of elderly people .Unfortunately he died a few hours after reaching Camp One. Hmm, well at least he was the oldest person to reach the camp.


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Bucket List Wish

Well guess whose going to have their ashes scattered on the top of Mt Everest? Oh come on people this is an easy one., Sir Edmund Hillary. Yep, a little piece of  Sir Edmund Hillary will forever be on top of Mount Everest now that Apa Sherpa has agreed to scatter some of his ashes on the peak.  Apa will scatter the ashes,  which have been kept at a Buddhist monastery in the village of Kunde, to the  four winds when he makes his 20th ascent this year. A fitting gesture .

Psst Apa holds the record for climbing the mighty mountain the most times.


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