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Friggin Toxic Mud

Egads, grab your wellies and waders folks there’s a toxic mud spill in Hungary. Urgh, seems the walls of a reservoir holding back aluminum residue burst, causing a 2m wave of toxic sludge to engulf 7 villages. The sludge has left a path of destruction, with fears it may  reach the Danube River. The interior minister has asked people to avoid contact with the mud because it friggin burns and could cause blindness if it gets in your eyes. Hungary has declared a state of emergency claiming it’s an “ecological catastrophe”. Sheez, I bet BP breathed a sigh of relief! So far the death toll is four but it is expected to rise.


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Perth Gets Done By A Hail Storm

This morning I was doing my usual pounding of Jacob’s Ladder under a blue sky, tonight it is a twisted mess having succumbed to one of Perth’s worst storms in recent memory. A massive landslide has not only washed part of the ladder (stairs) away but mud has washed into the apartments below creating utter devastation. Dabnabbit! I was hoping to get some shots tonight but police have cordoned off the area. Early this afternoon it was feared people had been trapped in their apartments as a wall of mud engulfed the lower levels in a matter of minutes. Structural engineers are accessing the damage and fear the Apartment building may have to be demolished. All residents are now seeking shelter in the Convention Centre. As for Jacob’s ladder, I am guessing it will be closed for some time.
Oh and for all of you worried about Tree Man, he’s OK, despite the fact he got hit by lightning (sheez, only a flesh wound!). Yes, Richard Pennicuik said “The lightning came down my cable, into my neck, down my right arm and out my leg.” The tree, which has been deemed hazardous, barely lost a leaf in the storm.

Here’s a little of what happened in Perth today….


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