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Mugger The Lover

Come on, just one date!!!

OK, here’s the thing you Pittsburgh robber, no, the woman you mugged for $60 does NOT want to go on a date with you, ya fool! John Jardini, who allegedly robbed the woman as she got off a bus, then rang her twice asking for a date. While the cops were trying to track him down through phone records, he struck again, allegedly assaulting her outside a store. Yes loons, he was arrested.


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Mugger Pushes Over 85 Year Old

A scum bag in New York was caught on CCTV cameras attempting to mug an 85 year old woman for her purse then pushing her to the ground. He later came back to help her up, but he is still friggin scum!


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You Want a Piece of Me?

Take that you bastard!

If you are going to attempt to mug someone in Fall River, Massachusetts, I suggest you avoid 66 year old women wielding rocks. A woman who had been warned about a suspicious vehicle hanging around a park decided she would pick up a rock for protection. Well, lucky she did because before she could say bippityboppityboo a man tried to grab her. Well a big Kaboom to him. She belted the would-be kidnapper in the face several times with the rock sending him running to his vehicle with a bloodied face. Mugger 0, Granny 1.


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Dumbassed 911 Caller

And the dumbass 911 award of the week goes to the mugger who was hit in the face by a bystander while he was robbing an 83 year old man. Damn fool rings 911 to report the incident. It didn’t take long for San Diego police to put two and two together and arrested the wimp for suspected elder abuse and robbery.


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Not So Fast



The last thing Luva Rhodes was expecting as she sat in her wheelchair outside her residential care facility was to be mugged. But then again I guess the last thing the mugger was expecting was to be rammed by her wheelchair.The would-be assailant tried to grab her purse but it was looped around the handle of her chair, so as he struggled to unhook it she let him have it. In the end Ms Rhodes said “He ran like a little girl.

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