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What The Hell Is This?

dumbassSeems muggers are getting rather fussy in the Big Apple. After two armed men robbed a guy in Central Park, taking his a cellphone, a briefcase and a wallet, they paused a second before handing back his phone. Evidently, the outdated 2010 LG Quantum wasn’t good enough for them. Needless to say the victim used his crappy Quantum to ring the police.


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Don’t Even Think About It

Friggin fools, never, ever come between a girl and her handbag!!!!


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Ah Shit

Thieves run off with diaper bagAnd the dumbass award of the week goes to the three would-be muggers who approached a woman and her toddler in a car park, pulled a gun and pepper sprayed her before taking off with her bag. Yeah the diaper bag. Un friggin lucky! Should be a nice little deposit or two in there!


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