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Don’t Mess With Doo Doo

As you know, not a fan of clowns BUT I will make an exception for Doo Doo the Clown who saved two women from a mugging. Doo Doo, a well known Canadian entertainer, spotted a shirtless dude while out and about so decided to toddled off and investigate (in his non clown Hummer). When he rolled into the alleyway he discovered the man was violently confronting the women, so he did what any Doo Doo clown would do, he rescued them.


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Pain In The Neck

OMG, Julia Popova from Moscow was a victim of a mugging but what she didn’t realize was that after the attack she had a knife stuck in her neck. Julia  walked calmly home after the incident not realizing blood was gushing down her back and a kitchen knife was protruding from just above her shoulders, right near her spinal cord. It was only when her horrified parents went WTF did she realize something was up. She was rushed to hospital where surgeons were able to successfully remove the kitchen utensil.


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