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Mugshot Suspension

student suspended for posting mugshot of principalOK, here’s the thing student from Georgia. Don’t be posting no mugshot you found of your high school principal on Instagram and claim it was for DUI when it was for something else or she just might attempt to have you arrested. Fortunately for the kid the cop refused so she suspended him for spreading misinformation.

Want sauce with that?


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Nominee For Mugshot Of The Year

Hmm, sometimes you just don’t want to say cheese. Tara Tobin was arrested for drunk driving but was none too happy about getting a mugshot.

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Jared Loughner Mugshot

Is Jared Loughner insane , mentally ill or just plain evil? This is the mugshot of the alleged assassin who opened fire in Tuscon and changed the lives of so many forever. None of his  family or friends appeared in the courtroom when he made his first appearance to face the music.

Jared Loughner

After seeing this mugshot and reading that no one turned up to support him I couldn’t help but think of  “I Want Ice Water”  post “Who’s Really To Blame” (sheez, two friggin links in one day!).  He raises some very interesting points about responsibilities .


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Mugshot Fail

Need I say more? Mark Siebenmorgan from Milwaukie.




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Vegan Ink

Dear lord, arsonists are vegans too!!!  Mr Walter Bond obviously is taking his veganism to extreme, not only has he got himself arrested for setting  fire to a sheepskin factory, a leather store and a restaurant that was serving goose liver but he’s got himself a mean-assed tatt. He’s really going to hate the food in prison.

For the cause!


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