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Leopolds Cafe Reopens Days After Massacre

Farzad Jehani and his brother Farhang rock. Less than 5 days after Mumbai was besieged by gun toting terrorists the owners of Leopold’s cafe have reopened it. Yes, this is the cafe that was shot to smithereens and 10 of its patrons killed when militants targeted the popular eatery only a few days ago (Wednesday). OK you might find the odd splat of blood here and there or the occasional  bullet hole in the walls, but Farzad (Mr Defiant) says he “would never let terrorists win.We will prove to terrorists by opening that we have won, you have not won,”. I am also sure that financially the brothers needed to get the doors open as soon as possible because there is nothing like a massacre to kill a business. But they needn’t have worried that the bloody incident was going to damage their business because the moment those shutters were pulled up on Sunday morning, customers poured into the cafe, some cheering “God Bless India”. Leopold’s Cafe has been operating for 137 years and it will take more than a handful of gun crazed friggin terrorists to change that! Bravo boys.

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