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RIP Yvette Vickers

OK, most of you won’t remember Yvette Vickers, Playboy Playmate of the July 1959  edition and star of B grade movies including Attack of the 50-Foot Woman and Attack of the Giant Leeches but her mummified body has been found in her LA home. It is believed she could have been dead for over a year. The 82 year old hadn’t been seen for some time but police believe there are no suspicious circumstances. RIP Yvette Vickers.


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Over My Dead Body

You sure do pong today, Missy!

OK, here’s the thing lady, if a homeless woman dies in your car, don’t friggin leave her in there for months, she’ll friggin stink. A woman in California was caught by police with a mummified body in her car. She explained that she had let the homeless woman use her car to sleep in but when she died she panicked…. thus the stinking , mummified body propped up in the passenger seat. Police believe the body could have been in the car for up to 10 months.


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So That’s Why The Toilet Seat Was Never Up!!!!

Whoopsie. When Japanese officials went to congrats Sogen kato the oldest man in Tokyo on his 111th birthday, they found a mummified body lying in bed. OMG and whats more, he’d been dead for 30 years. Hmm, seems his family had been covering up the fact that he had keeled so they could collect his pension payments. The relis had said Kato had confined himself to his room for 30 odd years after becoming a “living Buddha” but in reality he was dead in bed with his undies and pjs on.


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Missing Man Found Under House

Oh no, an LA  man who went misssing 5 years ago may have been found mummified in a crawlspace. According to family members he had a habit of hiding in closets and confinced areas. Authorities  believe he was sleeping under the house when he died of natural causes because he was found with his pillow.


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Mummified Body Found In Chimney

Ewh, a mummified body, believed to have been wedged in a chimney for 20 odd years, was discovered in a derelict industrial building in Finland. Authorities discovered a wallet on the corpse which indicated the man was born in 1953. Further investigation revealed he had gone missing in 1991 and declared dead in the early 2000s. Police are still not sure if he was dumped in the chimney or he simply got stuck in it.


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